Terrorist Boroday, the Russian Federation grew up in a family ideology of Russian “noimporta”. Dossiers of counterintelligence of SBU

Terrorist Boroday, the Russian Federation grew up in a family ideology of Russian “noimporta”. Dossiers of counterintelligence of SBU

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March 24, 15:04

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Parents Beard was part of the circle of the intellectual elite, was friends with famous writers and Bohemians.

Counterintelligence of SBU together with TSN.ia continues to inform the public about the leaders of the “Union of volunteers of Donbass“.

The head of the “Union,” Boroday Alexander, a citizen of the Russian Federation, 45 years of age. A graduate of the philosophical faculty and graduate of Moscow state University. Specialized in ethnic conflicts, worked as a columnist in media, consulting agencies. Professional political consultant and “independent PR consultant.” But in 2014 the life of this man everything changed.

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On the role of leader in the war in the Donbass know quite a lot. Although Boroday was on the occupied territory of Ukraine is not very a long time (from may to August 2014) but during this period managed to play the role of “Prime Minister” of the self-proclaimed “DNR”.

Boroday first spotted in April 2014 after the publication of the telephone conversation between the leader of the terrorists, a former FSB officer Igor strelkov-Girkin from a captured Slavyansk. A “Sasha” (as it turned out – that Boroday) promised “Arrow” live broadcast on the TV channel LifeNews, ensuring a quality story about the capture of a peaceful town. As it turned out, Girkin and Boroday were old friends.


A month later Boroday appeared in the occupied Donetsk and immediately became “Prime Minister” hastily organized “people’s Republic of Donetsk”.

How is it that supposedly normal political strategist and PR man in command of militants and terrorists? In fact, Borodai and Girkin were a “showcase” of the capture of Donbass, confirming the mantra of Russian volunteers who sincerely support the Russian-speaking population of Eastern Ukraine and decided to help in defending their rights against the “fascists, Banderovites”. But really – only under the guidance of Russian special services.

The financing of detachment Girkin to cover the role of the Russian state and intelligence agencies carried out is closely associated with the intelligence services of the Russian “Orthodox oligarch” Konstantin Malafeev, who once worked for a long time and Boroday in the company Marshall Capital. Himself Boroday had numerous long-standing personal relationships with current and former representatives of the FSB, which obviously encouraged his candidacy.

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So who really was behind the invasion of the territory of our country and establish a “new order”? As already known, while “formation” of “DNR” as pseudo-clearly controlled by the Federal security service of the Russian Federation. All appointments “Ministers”, activity hastily created a “people’s Council DNR”, the organization of work of law enforcement agencies ran the first Deputy Beard – called out of reserve, the FSB, the former head of the state security of Transnistria Vladimir Antyufeev.

The share of Beard left his job as PR Manager and organizer of more public political activities “DNR”, promotion to the Russian media and the deployment of an atmosphere of hysteria about “the crimes of the Ukrainian junta”.

As a matter of urgency born of numerous decrees, resolutions and orders of the stillborn “state”, very often copied from Russian legislation. Job “Premier” closely controlled by the Kremlin: during June–Aug 2014 Boroday often for a few days returned to Moscow, where he received instructions in the Administration of the Russian President and the FSB. In August 2014 Borodai were withdrawn from Donbass and handed the management of “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko.


Why this man was sent to Donbass the Russian special services? Boroday was born and raised in the family philosopher Yury Borodai, has graduated from the philosophical faculty of Moscow state University, was in graduate school. His parents entered the circle of the intellectual elite, was friends with famous writers and Bohemians. This man was among the militants and terrorists?

The case obviously is, what exactly is this “intellectual elite”. From the philosophy of Yury Borodai our compatriot can become bad. This is one of the main ideologists of Russian “noimporta” main postulates he presented in 1994. This “philosopher” claimed that the Russians remaining in former Soviet republics, are “first-class Russians,” proclaimed the main principle of Russian national unity, which is impossible without joining Russia, Belarus, Eastern Ukraine, Crimea, “new Russia” and the Russian part of Kazakhstan. Borodai Sr. was absolutely sure that leading experts of military, former military, elite engineering in these areas feels solely Russians and “it is not on the way with local samostoyatelnoj”. The Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, he even thinks, if they don’t exist.

It’s no surprise that Alexander Boroday grew up with a completely distorted sense of reality and dismissive attitude towards representatives of other nationalities, if these questions are seriously discussed in the immediate environment of his family since childhood. No wonder MSU student Boroday 1992 go to defend the “Russian world” in Transnistria, where he met the aforementioned Vladimir antyufeeva and his current Deputy in the “volunteer Union of Donbass” Andrey Pinchuk. Since 1994 have repeatedly visited Chechnya as a “war correspondent”, was personally involved in the notorious second storming of Grozny.

In addition, Boroday – a family friend of the chief editor of brand chauvinistic newspaper “Tomorrow” Alexander Prokhanov and his perennial opponent. The idea of Prokhanov can be at several of his phrases: “Putin’s project is the restoration of ruined the “Russian space”, “the Crimean campaign regains control of Russia over the Black sea”, “under cover of Syrian bases we have to build our defensive squadron”.

In General, when talking about the Kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine, the reason is often have in mind only the intelligence operations or the financial interest of mercenaries. Unfortunately, not only. People like Boroday (and many of them in Russia) articulates our values for a long time, and in 2014 they are fully in line with the values of Putin and the Russian leadership, which Ukraine is at best completely controlled by a puppet state and part of the “Russian world” where the concepts of “Ukrainian people and Ukrainian state”. For people like Boroday, it is not only the business and not just work for the secret services in their own interests, but also the realization of the vital beliefs and the dream of restoring the greatness of the “Russian Empire”.

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