Worsening at the Donetsk direction militants carried out 19 attacks and killed the Ukrainian military

Worsening at the Donetsk direction militants carried out 19 attacks and killed the Ukrainian military

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25 Mar, 18:42

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The situation in the ATO zone deteriorates.

Sunday, March 25, the Russian occupation troops have carried out 19 attacks on Ukrainian military positions in the area of antiterrorist operations in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. All attacks recorded in the Donetsk area, Lugansk remained quiet. As a result of fire from fighters the Ukrainian military was lost.

This is stated in the summary of the press center of the ATO headquarters as at 18:00.

Fighters from 120-mm mortars fired on positions of the APU in the experimental and Lebedinsky, and from mortars 82 caliber, and tank fired near the Sands. The 82-mm mortars were also used during the shelling of Talakivka.

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In addition, the militants from rocket-propelled grenades of various systems fired on positions of Ukrainian military near the Town of Bogdanovka and Shirokino, and heavy machine guns – Verkhnetoretsky.

From small arms the occupants fired at positions of ATO forces near the mine Butovka, Wheatears and three of Marinka.

Earlier, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine stated that on the frontline recorded a worsening situation compared to last days. The Russian militants and the occupation forces have significantly increased the number of attacks on the defensive positions of the Armed forces of Ukraine. So, in the last day, March 24, militants fired 13 the impact of attacks using small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns. As a result of the attacks no Ukrainian soldier was wounded and received injuries.

Videoroliki provoke Ukrainian military and then call the OSCE observers

Shooting at civilian cars and doctors, and when we are response by the Armed forces of Ukraine, the cause of the OSCE. About this tactic of the enemy to tell our soldiers on the front line in sea of Azov. They say the gunmen brought to the trenches that children, journalists, and shoot from behind them.

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24 Mar, 21:10


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