2 apartments in Kiev and the Jaguar: what declared the Minister of ecology Semerak

2 apartments in Kiev and the Jaguar: what declared the Minister of ecology Semerak



April 2, 12:46

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The area of the largest flat is more than 350 square meters.

The Minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerak has declared 2 apartments in the capital and three cars.

This is evidenced by electronic Declaration official.

As noted, the area of the smallest of his apartment 52.3 per square meter, while the highest – 354,7.

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Semerak also declared three cars. He owns a Jaguar S-type 2006 release, acquired 295,7 thousand hryvnia, and Volkswagen Touareg 2011 release for 993 thousand UAH. The Minister’s wife owns a copyright in the third car, Toyota Camry 2011 release for 265 thousand.

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Reportedly, Semerak has received 519 357 hryvnias of a salary, and holds cash of $ 43200 and 120 thousand hryvnias. In the Bank he keeps 250 of 317 USD.

According to the previous Declaration, the income of the Minister of environment was 390 643 UAH. In addition, he was among the Ministers who hold more hryvnias in banks. So, Semerak had 323 824 hryvnia on account.

Videoroulette must provide us with all the MPs spoke about the fear of lack of funds

Despite the high salaries MPs continue to receive money from the budget for their travel and housing. The amount of tens of millions of hryvnia. Daria Lucky asked why they need it, especially those who have returns of the numbers with many zeros.

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