Finance Minister danyluk: the Lottery market, the need to legalize


Finance Minister danyluk: the Lottery market, the need to legalize

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April 2, 12:47

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The lottery market should be legalized because legalization from money already budgeted for 2018.

About this in his interview to the information Agency “Interfax”, said Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk.

“We demand the regulation of this activity is important this market is to streamline and make civilized. Billions of tax revenue that the state loses annually. Our principled position is to adopt a comprehensive law. The governmental bill is lying in Parliament for two years. Lobbying groups don’t give it to consider. Because it is profitable to make billions with almost nothing to pay in the budget. Already there ordering articles and stories that advocate the preservation of the existing situation. It’s understandable – people are fighting for their money. And we are fighting for full budget and basic legal right,” he said.

As noted Danilyuk, from the legalization of all gambling on social security, health support, sport and culture the state may, in addition to about 5 billion UAH. annually. But some state agencies seek to block the decision.

“Since the bill is blocked in Parliament, we have only one opportunity to resolve the issue in the framework of current legislation. Like it or not, and to pay taxes on the earned money you need. The Antimonopoly Committee is not satisfied with one thing, others another. The Chairman of AMKU Yury Terentyev confirms that the manipulation of one Commissioner. But, in the end, we can’t confront everyone. It must be a statist solution. Otherwise, we don’t gather additionally funds to state and local budgets, we allow them to exist the black market, and blind to the fact that someone is making billions without paying taxes,” he said.

According to the survey of GfK Ukraine, 77% of respondents in favor of strict control of the operators of lotteries by the state, and 67% believe that the operators of lotteries should be only those companies that have years of experience in the market and a good reputation.

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