E-Declaration of politicians, Poroshenko may qualify for a grant, and Groisman has “forgotten” about Mercedes

E-Declaration of politicians, Poroshenko may qualify for a grant, and Groisman has “forgotten” about Mercedes



3 APR, 03:11

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Financial statements of community activists have also raised many questions.

The current period for the submission of electronic declarations has been completed and the policy was once again struck fabulous condition. President Petro Poroshenko said on 16 million hryvnias, and net profit more than 21 million in expenses, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The President also declared a collection of ancient paintings, precious watches, land and luxury furniture. Salary Peter was only 330 thousand hryvnias a year – he gave to charity. The rest is interest on Bank accounts. Nearly 4 million presidential hryvnia went for the education of children, the lion’s share of expenditures was spent for communal and rental property – 800 thousand for gas and electricity. All accommodation has been spent 5.5 million hryvnia, which is much higher than the threshold of 15% of total family income, therefore, Poroshenko can claim the subsidy. Entered in the Declaration the head of the state holidays in the Maldives, it cost five times less than announced by the journalists of 2.7 million UAH.


Videodrome politicians, electronic declarations this year have filled public hearings

Top officials in the time missed. For example, the President declared that more than 16 million hryvnias of the income in 2017. Spent last year, Poroshenko mainly on stay – in article “expenses” they are designated as “tourism”. Richer than the President last year was the Prime in the Declaration, – more than 17 million hryvnias of income.

TSN. 19:30

2 APR, 20:45

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared 1,3 million hryvnias of a salary. Lutsenko goes on the service vehicle and does not have its own housing, the accounts in different banks holds a little more than a million, 3 thousand euros and 11 thousand dollars. His wife Irina Lutsenko declarable much more modest salary, an apartment in the center of Kiev, a house in Dubno and several expensive bags “Chanel” and “Dior”.

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The family of Prime Minister Groysman has earned 17 million, most of them Vladimir Borisovich received from the sale of the land and from the leased property. 10 thousand hryvnia Groisman received as assistance at birth of the child, although the child was born in August 2011 year. Costs Vladimir Borisovich paint did not: there is only a point about 600 thousand hryvnias of donations large family, but to specify the car “Mercedes” which my wife bought for 2 million, costs forgotten.