In Shirokino powerful mortar attack shell-shocked military

In Shirokino powerful mortar attack shell-shocked military

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27 Mar, 03:06

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The soldiers say that the enemy has not achieved its goal of a surprise attack.

The militants hit the already destroyed Shirokino with mortars, shells and flew to the neighboring village of Berdyansk, where they still live a few civilians. Luckily they were not injured, according to a story TSN.19:30.

One such local Vladimir Shander remembers a rented room on the shore of the sea of Azov to rent to summer visitors. “May – August here was jammed up, of all places, pensions, everything was booked,” he says. Now in the resort towns empty, and if that appears it is new craters and destruction from the falling shells.

Videofrag had a powerful mortar attack on the sea of Azov

The militants struck again at the already destroyed Shirokino. Flew mine in the neighboring village of Berdyansk. Fortunately, a few of the locals who live there were not injured.

TSN. 19:30

26 Mar, 20:19

From the last firing of a concussion received one of the Ukrainian military in a statement. The soldiers say that the enemy has a purpose – to find the position of APU and irreparable loss. “We’re looking for, but we are not there. Mostly shoot at civilians,” says the fighter with the Callsign “Archie”. His colleagues in his spare time clear the adjacent black soil, because the fields have been empty for several years, and they would ever work farmers. “Heavily larded over the years iron. I’ve seen guys come within two to three weeks there miserable acres there, and every time they find new mines,” says one of the soldiers about the work of engineers.

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From his home and farm spouses Shander all the mines and debris povytaskivali, the roof was blocked by the Danish red cross, and the pension and borrowed from the neighbors, the money put in the window. For grandfather Volodya in this life was only the wife lives 30 years and the grapes. It shoots saved from the fire, when a shell flew and Lyudmila are closed during each attack. “We feel that we hut lay, lay down, kissed, waited, and now here,” – said Lyudmila Shander.