DGF was applied to the total elimination of the “dead” state Bank

DGF was applied to the total elimination of the “dead” state Bank


3 APR, 13:54

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The liquidation process began a year and a half ago.

The Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals has filed documents for state registration of termination of PJSC “the state land Bank” as a legal entity.

Accordingly, the DGF has completed the process of payment of guaranteed amount of compensation on deposits.

Recall that “State land Bank” was established by Cabinet decision in 2012 to transactions with land plots and property rights to land. “State land Bank” laid the strategic objectives regarding credit support of agricultural enterprises and implementation of appropriate state programs. However, in the absence of relevant changes in legislation, the financial institution of receipt of a banking license is almost not carried out banking operations envisaged in the Charter. 100% of the shares belonged to the state (Ministry of Finance).

Subsequently decided to eliminate this “dead” Bank. The liquidation process of the Fund began in September of 2016.

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