In Kiev Prosecutor’s office punished the worker who got naked and made out with girls on TV show

In Kiev Prosecutor’s office punished the worker who got naked and made out with girls on TV show



4 APR, 03:07

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The Prosecutor issued a reprimand.

In capital Prosecutor’s office was a scandal because of the involvement of one of the employees in the entertainment reality show. According to colleagues, a civil servant there was behaving indecently, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Oleg Belous won the show, but was reprimanded at work. He was one of eight participants spin the bottle first kissing, then undressing. Episode of the program aired last year in November and was a test of bravery and freedom. Only in YouTube this episode was watched by more than 240 thousand people, among them the Roman Govda – the Prosecutor of the city of Kiev, and, as it later turned out, a colleague Belous. He wrote the complaint to a special disciplinary Committee – educational purpose. “We represent the public prosecution in the courts. Right? Man that went on TV and esters in the Nude, as it will look in court? In the eyes of the people who will see him naked Prosecutor, who said some light stupid things?” – explained my motives to the Prosecutor.

Video settings the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office a scandal because of the involvement of the employee in a reality show

Can bare buttocks Prosecutor? If he publicly kissing girls? It seemed to his colleagues to behave so unseemly. Young, handsome and smiling Oleg Belous in the TV show win, but in the professional field lost. His behavior complained to colleagues and reprimanded.

TSN. 19:30

3 APR, 21:09

He Belous from journalists fled – in the workplace it was not, and excuses appeared every time more. Did not take the phone and his girlfriend Diana, who was the initiator of the participation of their pair in the show. In an interview last winter, she admitted that the main goal of the pair was a prize – 200 thousand UAH in order to pay the studies of her younger sister. Oleg then explained that with his work at the time of filming abroad was released.

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Special disciplinary Commission decided that Belous grossly violated prosecutorial ethics, because public nudity kissing with a few girls contrary to the rules of conduct of the prosecutors. As punishment, the worker in the course of the year will not receive premiums and are not to be promoted at work.