In Transcarpathia want to build a new airport

In Transcarpathia want to build a new airport

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The airfield may appear in Mukachevo or Hust.

This year should launch flights from the Carpathians.

“First and foremost, we focus on the airport in the city of Uzhgorod in order to this order (the President) was completed this year. There are some formalities at the level of Ukrainian-Slovak relations. We must complete these procedures in the first half and I hope we will be able to mount the required aircraft equipment for full flights also this year”, – said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

He hopes that the state budget will allocate funds for the construction of a new airport in Transcarpathia. After a few years he may receive in Mukachevo or Hust.

Omeljan hoping for state support for the development of airports in Ukraine.

“We hope that it will be at least a 4-year program in the amount of 10 billion hryvnia per year, so we can each year to build 5-6 runways, and then the construction of the terminals, processing of passengers, the launch of the airport will already be on the responsibility of the local authorities and through public-private partnerships. I believe this is the right approach, a functioning airfields in the world, especially regional ones, and it is perspective for Ukraine”, – said the Minister.

Regional airports in the future to go low-cost airline segment.

“This year comes the biggest, the cheapest low-cost carrier Ryanair, and they are ready to expand the geography of flights and to fly from regional airports. We must be ready. In Transcarpathia need another private airfield. I hope that in the case of approval of this program in the next year we can move on to the design and physical work”, – said the Minister.

Meanwhile, the airport “Borispol” is negotiating with two low-cost airlines.

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