Netizens scratching their heads over a visual trick that changes the perception of colors

Netizens scratching their heads over a visual trick that changes the perception of colors



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Colors can remain skewed for many days.

The Internet lit up tricky optical effectwhich black-and-white streaks appear in color.

It is reported Indy100.

In order to feel the effect, enough for three minutes to look at the colored stripes, and then to look at black and white. They will appear pink, although some people see them red and green.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

As noted, this is due to the effect Makkoli, named after the researcher. It was first opened in 1975. Now scientists believe that the phenomenon is associated with sensitive neurons in the cerebral cortex.

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After the experiment Makkoli some participants for a further five days have seen the colors distorted, and some three months later experienced the consequences of the effect.

We will remind, the British newspaper Metro has published an image that creates an optical illusion for our brain. Viewers were asked to look at the picture and tell what color hearts they see it.

Video settings Brazil, people are fixed a rare natural phenomenon with the sun

In the sky over the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina the sun in rainbow circle. Some residents optical illusion scared. A unique phenomenon they rushed to take pictures, and the pictures just blew up the network. Scientists solar focus have been explained.

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