The scientists said, in a position to get a healthy and long sleep

The scientists said, in a position to get a healthy and long sleep



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According to studies only 8% of people sleep on my back.

Scientists say that the position in which you sleep, is the most likely cause feelings of nevirapine and depression. About it reports The Independent.

Even with a full, 8-hour sleep a lot of people, waking up, feeling exhausted.
And although this feeling can cause a number of reasons, given the junk food, the most likely is the position in which you fall asleep, the researchers note.

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Despite the fact that only 8% of people sleep on the back, various studies of experts this position the best for sleeping.
According to scientists, sleeping on the back allows the head, neck and spine maintain a neutral position, in particular this position will be a great choice for those who suffer from pain in these areas of the body.

Moreover, it can also help to reduce heartburn, because in this position the head is higher than the chest.

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11 Mar, 22:12

Shelby Harris, a specialist from the medical dream, and Professor of medical College of albert Einstein, told us how to learn to sleep on their backs.
The scientist said that getting ready for bed, should have put pillows on either side of his body, and one on his knees. This will help to stay in place and will not allow to turn from side to side, he says.

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In addition, it is also advised to sew a tennis ball into the lining of the upper part of the pajamas on the side on which you’re usually accustomed to lie. Thus, during the movements of the night, the discomfort will force you to roll back onto his back.

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But despite the fact that this is the best posture to sleep, scientists say, it is not for everyone.
Sleeping on the back can cause apnea or even exacerbate existing problems. So if you are prone to such, probably, this pose is just not for you.

Recall that sleep less than 7 hours per night increases the risk of developing chronic diseases. So, lack of sleep can lead to excess weight, heart problems and depression.

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