The military on the front lines before Easter have the opportunity to check the health of

The military on the front lines before Easter have the opportunity to check the health of

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5 APR, 22:53

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The soldiers arrived dentists and x-ray car.

Maundy Thursday on the front. Though Easter truce, the militants do not adhere to our soldiers say about the relative lull and use it for their own needs:they bath, dress and treat your teeth and check the lungs, according to a story TSN.19.30.

The unfinished ring of Donetsk. Ambulance cars trying to slip through the place as quickly as possible – the road is exposed to fire from several directions. It shows what happens to those who stay. Volunteers-dentists quickly laid out the tools in the former estate of the Donetsk police officers and begin their work.

Tooth cracks, the fighter suffers. The doctor is not very subtle – pulls man from 4 hemp. Dentist Tatyana Sakundiak in the car puts the seals. Bad teeth of the soldiers, she says.

“Usually come with poor oral hygiene, here hard water, lots of Tartar,” says the doctor.

Dentists manages Salim. It is the third year treats Ukrainian soldiers teeth. He’s Lebanese, but considers himself a Ukrainian patriot.

Videophone at the forefront of celebrating Maundy Thursday and prepare for Easter

Although Easter truce, the militants, and keep not our soldiers are saying about the relative lull and use it for their own needs: having a bath, primping, and treat teeth and check light.

TSN. 19:30

5 APR, 20:29

After the conscripts found tuberculosisa, the chief medical officer found the x-ray vehicle through which all fighters.

And in the famous Sands at the forefront, before, to bring away a wounded soldier, had more than an hour. It is deadly long. So the doctors decided to keep reamol closer to the fighters.

“When the fire starts, the road on which we were going to call impossible, and to actually pop up because you saw there and there sweep road sweep. And then they jumped out and 200 meters have positions,” – said the military.

Here, in the Sand, is constantly on duty two physicians, the other just 2 kilometers. The scheme is dangerous for the doctors themselves, but it works.

Sands, the village that killed dozens of Ukrainian soldiers, some died on the way to the hospital, but the war has taught. Now here near the Sands, not the best medical service. Fighters take to the “Hamer” on the speed of 120-150 km/h carries to the nearest hospital. Best result – 20 minutes and the fighter is already on the operating table.

Fortunately, today, in the Sands quietly, so the soldiers continue to fight with her tooth decay.

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