Beriberi wallets. How and why rose spring vegetables and fruits

Beriberi wallets. How and why rose spring vegetables and fruits



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A kilo of tomatoes, cucumbers and greens is 70-100 UAH.

Again, prices literally eat wallets. The next rise in price affected the products that are out there in the consumer basket of Ukrainians. It’s bread, meat, cheese, fish, fruit and vegetables.

It fruits and vegetables, according to the State statistics service, increased from 3% to 5% in one month. This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Pink Ukrainian greenhouse tomatoes now are already 100 UAH per kilogram and Turkish – 50-70 UAH. Kilo of courgettes now – 75-78 UAH/kg, in cucumbers and radish – 70 UAH. Red beets – 16 UAH, Morkva – 18 UAH, onions – 9 UAH. Green onions – up to 100 UAH per kilogram.

Among the fruit remains in the standard winter kit – oranges, lemons, bananas, kiwis and apples. These prices have jumped by 5-6 UAH, because their stocks come to an end.

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Prices rose because in this period, vegetables and fruits are usually hype, experts say. And mostly all the products of the greenhouse, and that affects price. But you can find that, on the contrary, fell.

“For example, potato prices also fell. If it cost 6-7 USD, now less than five hryvnias. The decrease in prices of eggplants, the Bulgarian pepper” – said the expert on agrarian policy Denis Marchuk.

While mass Ukrainian harvest of spring vegetables on the approach, journalists “Sedanka” decided to buy your spring salad: half of a kilogram of cucumbers and tomatoes, some onions and arugula. Has done all this in 98 UAH. The sellers know less than a month, and Ukrainian salads start to become not only more succulent and cheaper.

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