In the Crimea are trying to blame Baluja on new business. “The victim” – the chief of the detention center

In the Crimea are trying to blame Baluja on new business. “The victim” – the chief of the detention center

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The Ukrainian called the accusations “blatant nonsense”.

April 11 Rozdolnensky district court in the annexed Crimea held a hearing on the new case against occupiers of Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluja. The court had questioned the alleged “victim” in this case – the head of Razdolnensky IVS Valery Tkachenko.

About it reports “Gromadske radio”.

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Convicted in the Crimea Baluch refused to stop a 23-day hunger strike

Tkachenko, who is the victim in this case, said that Baluch constantly in protest refused to present themselves at the request of the wardens and apply force to it.

At the beginning of the trial, Baloch said that does not recognize his guilt, the prosecution does not agree and refused to give his testimony, calling the whole thing “blatant nonsense”. Protection of Baloha asked the court to begin the hearing with viewing of video from surveillance cameras that captured the incident with the conflict between the activist and the head of the IVS. The video was seen as Tkachenko hit Baluja in the corridor of the detention center. The following video from the surveillance camera that was installed in the chamber of Baloha, it was seen as Tkachenko carried out the inspection in his cell. In between there was a small scuffle.

Tkachenko claims that he did not beat Baluja, and just “gently leaned on him,” the Ukrainian response was allegedly hit him with a elbow to the chest. After that, according to Tkachenko, he went into his cell and Baluch hit him with a bottle of detergent, and later poured on him detergent.

On the question of the lawyer: “In the video it was obvious you several times swung and hit Vladimir in the corridor of the detention center, can you comment on that?” he replied that he did not beat Baluja, and dismissed his spit. According to him, Baloch spit on him, and he closed a hand from the spit. Tkachenko also denied the allegations of Baluja, that he insulted him, buttoning the cuffs until blue in the face, called “pravoseka” and insulted his mother.

New business of Baloha accused of disrupting the activities of institutions providing isolation from society.

Earlier, the Ukrainian activist and his lawyers filed a police report to head of ITT’nens’kyi district, Valery Tkachenko. Baloch claims that Tkachenko insulted and hit him.

Videonablyudeniye in the Crimea, Ukrainian activist Baloch refuses to stop the hunger strike

At the next court hearing in the occupied Peninsula Baluch looked exhausted, was kept behind bars. Ukrainian on hunger strike since March 19, and since then he is sentenced. The Crimean patriot who hung out at his house the blue-yellow flag, was accused of possession of ammunition and sentenced to three years and five months in prison.

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We will remind, the Ukrainian Vladimir Baluch hunger strike to protest against the verdict, which he issued on 16 January 2018. According to him, Baloch should spend in a colony-settlement 3 years and 5 months. It should translate into solitary confinement prison, where he will be in a period of starvation.

During his concluding remarks at the meeting on 15 January Baloch said that the case against him “trumped-up for his political position”, and it does not make love the “new Home”. He was charged with illegal possession of ammunition and explosives that were allegedly found in the attic of his house.

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