Ukraine out of the CIS and will close its office – Poroshenko

Ukraine out of the CIS and will close its office – Poroshenko



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The solution will accumulate in the Cabinet.

Kiev officially stop participating in the structures of the Commonwealth of independent States.

As the President said Petro Poroshenko during a speech at the Kiev bezopasnosti forum on April 12, over the life of the respective solutions will work with the Ukrainian government.

“Ukraine has never been and is not a member of the CIS and the failure of this structure to condemn Russian aggression would together with the government to prepare a formal proposal for an official termination of our participation in the statutory bodies of the CIS. Exactly like the final closing of the Ukrainian representation in relevant institutions in Minsk,” – said the head of state.

Poroshenko urged to inventory all of the legal framework, which was concluded by Ukraine in the framework of the CIS, relative to compliance with the national interests of the state. “I urge our foreign partners to review contractual obligations with Russia on the subject of sensitive areas of cooperation,” he said.

Videopreteen of Ukraine and Prime Minister of great Britain discussed tougher sanctions against Russia

Poroshenko spoke with Teresa may phone. During the conversation the parties have condemned the Russian aggression in Crimea and the Donbass, and discussed the tightening of sanctions in response to it. The President also offered Britain’s help in the investigation of poisoned spy Skripal.

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