Bitcoin began daily to rise by more than 10%. What it might mean

Bitcoin began daily to rise by more than 10%. What it might mean

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Expensive also other cryptocurrencies.

On the morning of Friday, April 13, at different cryptocurrency exchanges bitcoin price increased by 12-13% to 7.7-7.9 million dollars.

In particular, according to the website CoinMarketCap, bitcoin price increased by 12.39% – $ 7785. On the stock exchange Bitfinex cryptocurrency rose in price by 13.33% to $ 7882, OKEx – by 13.09%, to $ 7860. This writes the “Prime”.

Thursday, April 12, at the time of trading bitcoin for the first time in the last two weeks reached 8 thousand dollars on the Bitfinex exchange. Even in the fall it cost twice the price.

The price of bitcoin for the second consecutive day by more than 10%

Growth in the value of bitcoin could mean the end of deep correction, which was observed in the first quarter of 2018, analysts say.

Yesterday’s bitcoin price increase by 14% by analysts with the decision of EU countries to sign the Declaration on the establishment of European partnerships in the field of blockchain. The project participants intend to exchange experience and knowledge in technical and regulatory fields, to prepare the launch of a single EU applications using technologies of distributed registries for the public and private sectors.

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“Yesterday, bitcoin went other currencies and has shown significant growth amid high trading volume of almost $ 10 billion per day. Closing level – 7912 dollars – almost 14% higher than the previous one. Thus, the price for the fourth time approached the downtrend line, which began in December 2017,” said investment Director of the international network of professional investors in the digital assets CryptoLife Mansur Guseynov, quoted by “RIA Novosti”.

The analyst added that given the high trading volumes and overall recovery relative to other currencies, can be expected to reverse the negative trend in the dynamics of cryptocurrency.

“Continued growth should prove it,” said Huseynov.

Expensive alternative cryptocurrencies: Ethereum by 13% to 485,33 dollar, Ripple – by 16.77% to 0.61 dollar, Bitcoin Cash – on 8,53%, to 731,6 dollar.

Market capitalization of cryptocurrency, according to CoinMarketCap, is 271,2 billion. The share of bitcoin accounts for about 44% of the total cryptocurrency market.

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