Family Peskov has earned more than the income of Putin and Medvedev together

Family Peskov has earned more than the income of Putin and Medvedev together

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The President earned for the year of 18.7 million rubles.

The Russian government issued its Declaration on the income for the year 2017. Most of the officials earned more than Putin, and not Medvedev, a first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. However, the biggest family income at Putin’s press Secretary Peskov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin for the year earned 18.7 million rubles. This is 10 million rubles more than the year before. This was stated in his Declaration, published on the official Kremlin website. Putin, like every year, has shown that he owns two apartments at 77 and 153 sq m and a garage of 18 sq. m. it has three cars – two GAZ M-21 and “field” and the trailer “SKIF”. From the Declaration disappeared 15 acres of land, which the President of the Russian Federation pointed out in previous years.

Press Secretary and Deputy head of the presidential administration, Dmitry Peskov last year earned 4,4 million roubles less than his boss – his income was $ 14.3 million. Peskov in the property – two apartments on and 112,7 111,7 sq. m, the share in the flat area of 55,3 square meters, Mercedes-Benz V250, Rover. But the wife Peskov, Tatiana Navka last year earned 200 million rubles. She is the owner of two plots of land at 79 and 14 acres, two houses on 779,2 and 353,5 sq. m , four apartments on of 180.4, 108,4, 78,8 and 126 sq m, three cars – the Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz GLE63 and Lexus RX350.

Medvedev live modestly. Wife of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Svetlana in the past year have not earned anything, its VW Golf. Dmitry Medvedev earned 8,5 million roubles to 21 thousand rubles less than the year before. The Prime Minister pointed out in the Declaration, leased for 40 years, 47 acres of land, an apartment at 367 sq. m, a GAZ-20, GAZ-21.

The income of the first Vice-Premier of Russia Igor Shuvalov amounted to 91.3 million rubles, his wife – 89,1 million. They have a Jaguar XJ8, VAZ 2101 and a ZIL 41047, and they own stakes in four apartments on 175,7, 108,9, and 73.8 per 115,8 sq. m.

Earlier it was reported that at Moscow in houses walled up Windows, so that tenants do not look at the Shuvalov Palace.

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