The Ministry of justice of Ukraine has not paid Yanukovych ordered by the court compensation

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine has not paid Yanukovych ordered by the court compensation

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Yanukovych has not asked for money

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine had not paid ex-President Viktor Yanukovych awarded to him by the court of the EU compensation for the costs of lawyers. Reason: Yanukovych has not asked for money.The Ministry of justice in response to a request DW reported that the office had not received the Executive of documents at the request of Viktor Yanukovych on the basis of which should be compensation of the cost of the fees British lawyers of the former President.

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“Thus, the decision (of the Court of justice – Ed.) remain unfulfilled,” – said in the answer of the Deputy Minister of justice Ivan Hazel to the question of whether payments awarded to Yanukovych funds.

10.5 thousand “penny” in comparison with the requirements of Yanukovych

At the end of 2017, the EU Court rejected the appeal of Ukraine on the decision on compensation Viktor Yanukovych, his son Alexander and the widow of his dead son Victor. At the beginning of this year Ukraine should pay to the family of ex-President 10500 pounds as compensation for their attorneys.

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We are talking about the additional costs suffered by the Ukrainian ex-President and his family for the fact that Ukraine in 2014, first joined the litigation on the claims of Yanukovych V. Council of the EU in the court of the European Union, and several months without explanation out of him. Yanukovych appealed against the first wave of the EU sanctions imposed in March 2014 against Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage.

Exorbitant fees London lawyers

Ordered by the court the sum of 10,5 thousand euros, ten times less for the bill, which put Ukraine Yanukovych. The family of the former President, who is hiding from the investigation in Russia, demanded in its lawsuit in the Court of the EU to Ukrainian taxpayers paid British lawyers 207 193 thousand pounds and 50 pence. This amount appeared considering the fact that hired by Yanukovych leading specialists from the London law firm Joseph Hage Aaronson work up to 1500 pounds per hour. However, the judges in Luxembourg decided that the requirements go beyond the established cost of legal defense.

Video tip of the EU extended sanctions against Yanukovych and his associates

As adopted by the EU Council decision enters into force today, Tuesday. The list of deposed President is number one and 12 of his associates. However, the sanctions list has disappeared two names – former Minister of justice Elena Lukash and Deputy Sergei Klyuyev. The EU decided that insufficient evidence against them.

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