Response to U.S. sanctions: Russian Deputy stomped on your iPad and posted a video to Facebook

Response to U.S. sanctions: Russian Deputy stomped on your iPad and posted a video to Facebook



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He also called on Medvedev to withdraw from Apple.

The Deputy from Russian city of Yaroslavl Dmitry Petrovsky trampled underfoot your iPad. Thus he responded to the sanctions that the US imposed against Russia.

Video of the act of Peter’s published on his page in Facebook.

“And you trampled on your iPhone? Or IPad?”, – he wrote in comments to the video.

The MP said that Russia in response to sanctions from the United States are planning to ban American goods. In his opinion, MPs should set an example to the Russians. He also called on Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, known for his love of Apple to do the same.

Dmitry Petrovsky said that he will now use Chinese gadgets.

In comments to the MP hinted that in protest it should also be removed from the American social network Facebook.

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In the state Duma have offered the Russians the use of oak bark, and “Hawthorn” instead of drugs from the United States

We will remind, on April 6 the U.S. Treasury Department announced a new round of sanctions against Russian citizens, officials, companies and state-owned firms. The United States will freeze the assets of all physical and legal persons falling under a new wave of sanctions.

According to HKEx, on April 9, shares of the company UC Rusal, the Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska, which was included in the sanctions list, has fallen by 50%. Rusal warned about the risk of technical defaults due to the limitation of the U.S. Treasury, although assured that supports the implementation of all its credit obligations.

On the background of the sanctions of the Euro on the Moscow stock exchange has already exceeded 76 rubles for the first time in almost two years.

Videoasia responded to us sanctions threat to legalize industrial piracy

In the new list of us sanctions – 24 businessman and official, and 14 companies belonging to them and their family. The shares of these companies on the world stock markets began to plummet along with the Russian ruble. Next week at the Ukrainian national security Council also will consider the possibility of imposing sanctions, but analysts advise not to rush – can suffer Ukraine itself.

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