“Gazprom” keeps low pressure in the pipeline – “Naftogaz”

“Gazprom” keeps low pressure in the pipeline – “Naftogaz”



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This year contract the pressure in the network was only one day.

“Naftogaz” States that the Russian “Gazprom” does not comply with the terms of the contract for the transportation of gas through Ukraine to Europe and keeps the negative pressure.

“Gazprom” continues to violate its obligations under the contractual pressure at the entry of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, jeopardizing the security of transit to Europe. Despite this behavior of “Gazprom”, the Ukrainian company has provided all transit to Europe”, – noted in “Naftogaz”.

Commissioner working with the public authorities of the “Naftogaz Ukraine” Vadim Glamazdin said that “for the entire 2017 year “Gazprom” has supported the contract pressure of only 45 days. And for all of 2018 – more than 100 days have passed, contract the pressure in the network was one day.”

Earlier in “Gazprom” stated that it was never the question of waiver of gas transit through Ukraine.

Videospornosalma service started description and the arrest in Ukraine of property of the Russian monopoly “Gazprom”

The announcement appeared on the official site. It refers to the penalty imposed on “Gazprom” the Antimonopoly Committee two years ago for abuse of monopoly position on the market of Ukraine. It is now almost 172 billion. And in this case, the Executive service of the Ministry of justice started the procedure of seizure of assets of “Gazprom” – and this is property and shares four of its businesses.

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