The militants are increasing the intensity of the shelling from mortars and BMP cannons

The militants are increasing the intensity of the shelling from mortars and BMP cannons


Today, 21:15

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The military complain that the capital can not hear them

Per day counted in the ATO headquarters, six dozen attacks. It’s officially across the line of demarcation – from mortars and guns of the BMP. At the front, one wounded soldier and one injured, according to a story TSN.19.30.

Evening, almost drowsy, the breeze of the sea. And explosive black soot, suddenly appears above the coastal forest belt, for a moment before the echo of the explosions.

Ukrainian Marines that keep this site advanced, saying, without heavy blasts of enemy ammunition, there is not now any one day.

Where flying those explosive and deadly “departure” until the sun visible to the naked eye. When red drops shone over the horizon – all hope, says military “Pop” at night devices and their own weapons.

“The day you can shoot up to two and a half thousand cartridges,” says the marine.

And recognized by the soldiers. no teamwork, too dark sometimes, there are no chances of success. But, in any case, to respond to hostile, not friendly movement have instantly.And – regularly.

That for several days, against the Ukrainians in sea of Azov are fighting what Russian experts, first of the scouts reported. And soon the boys found themselves.

Videoroliki increasing the intensity of shelling in Eastern Ukraine

Nearly six dozen attacks per day. The outskirts of Donetsk, Svetlodarsk arc and the seaside front fighters covered from mortars of large caliber. Two Ukrainian soldiers got wounds and combat injuries.

TSN. 19:30

Today, 20:04

“They are from the “Rock” with optics. Good night optics, “Zalau” clearly,” say the military.

The day before, according to neighbors, twice beat the enemy cannon artillery. The fragment touched one of the Ukrainian soldiers. He is now in the hospital. The doctors say will recover. And his fellow “black berets” was supposed to pay: before – sent to the infirmary, at least a couple of “outsiders”. And today, at night, it looks like it worked perfectly in response on enemy machine gun positions.

In the closet, in an underground field kitchen the Marines still standing, sweet, Easter. But Easter truce on the front now, not even smell!

“I’m in a flare here the last months! In Kiev are not heard, when digging and sweep! And in Kiev is not audible when flying over your head,” says marine “Rapti”.

After a night of fighting, even the spring morning breeze, could not “run” from the trenches a persistent smell of gunpowder. At the same time, that now it is spring at the front near the Azov frankly, paid little attention. On the “zero” near Shirokino, guys are much more worried that she is already five! Military!

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