Toasted the number of volunteers reported large losses of fighters Dokuchaevsk

Toasted the number of volunteers reported large losses of fighters Dokuchaevsk

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The terrorists suffered losses after the organization of armed provocations.

In the occupied area of Dokuchayevsk of Donetsk region militants staged armed provocations, killing 17 terrorists.

This is stated in the message of the Charitable Foundation “come Back alive”.

More than 30 terrorists were injured and are now “unlikely to be able to direct the weapon in the direction of peaceful cities.”

Information is confirmed by the volunteer Miroslav Gai. So, he reported 17 killed and 35 wounded.

Miroslav Gai Facebook

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In turn, the leadership of the militants reported minor damage of some buildings in the Dokuchaevsk. In the Russian social network “Vkontakte” on 15 April published a video of a firefight near the town.

Recall that the ATO Staff had learned about the plan the next provocation from terrorists. Militants in the Donbas are going to knock down the drone of the OSCE and blame it on APU.

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The anti-terrorist operation in the Donbas, scheduled to be completed in a few weeks, this week marks 4 years. The Ukrainian army has never decided on a blitzkrieg, because the Minsk agreement tied the hands of defenders. For a speedy end to the war, no one expects, because the duration does not depend on the level of weapons, and one man who unleashed this war.

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