“Like Hitler did”. Lyashko offered to shoot is involved in the repair of roads

“Like Hitler did”. Lyashko offered to shoot is involved in the repair of roads

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According to him, there should be strict liability for the improper condition of the roads.

The head of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko was advised to dig into the asphalt and shot, “Hitler”, involved defective repair of roads.

He declared it from a Parliament tribune on April 17, the Ukrainska Pravda reported.

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In “Ukravtodor”, said the repair of the most problematic sections of the road Kyiv – Odessa

“Easy to hang noodles when you look out the window of the helicopter, to tell what we have good roads. From height of bird’s flight you can’t see which road to […] View, as repaired roads. There the whole family can settle down for a picnic to go. Still cows to stick in that hole… to Get from Zaporozhye to Mariupol at least 5 hours on those potholes and cold*bins” – shouted Lyashko from the rostrum.

The MP believes that it is necessary to prohibit patching roads, and those who repaired the poor quality, shot.

“In these pits to bury those who organized the repair of roads, starting from the head of the maintenance Department and to all who repaired the roads. To bury on top of the asphalt drive with paver. So, like Hitler did with the riders fought: withdrew, shot a few people today all pay for the tickets,” – said Lyashko.

He said that was “normal road should be strict liability for pit, for theft”.

“There is no road – houses, like mushrooms after a rain grow”, – said Lyashko, who himself owns a residential home in a luxury Kozin near Kiev.

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