Ordered prayers to Roskomnadzor, the Russians made fun of the failed attempts to block Telegram

Ordered prayers to Roskomnadzor, the Russians made fun of the failed attempts to block Telegram

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Under lock got many sites, but the messenger works.

Roskomnadzor has blocked nearly 16 million IP addresses in the framework of the struggle with the Telegram messenger.

Under lock came address Amazon cloud services and Google, which Telegram is used to bypass locks. This was blocked many Russian sites, problems have arisen from the popular messenger Viber and even the “Classmates”.

However, to fully block Telegram Roskomnadzor and failed. Many Russian users are in the messenger even without proxy and VPN.

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Because of this, many Internet users joke about the helplessness of Roskomnadzor and its methods of struggle with the Telegram.

Good news for Voronezh. If the government will bomb the city as well as block Telegram, 80% of the country will lie in ruins, and Voronezh will remain unharmed.

— Perzident Roissi (@KermlinRussia) 17 quina 2018 R.


— Lentic (@oldLentach) 16 quinia 2018 R.

A Telegram everything works and works…

Cartoonist @Sergey_Elkin on the DW website: https://t.co/WESsbPCoqA pic.twitter.com/iusQxZb72e

— DW (Russian) (@dw_russian) 17 quina 2018 R.

Meanwhile, Roskomnadzor blocked already 4.6 million IP addresses to restrict access to Telegram.

Telegram works. And a lot of other services sboyat pic.twitter.com/lqrfIxK1Is

— Lentic (@oldLentach) 17 quina 2018 R.

At the moment Recomposer blocked almost 16 million IPS Amazon and Google. Telegram works. But gamers complain of problems with access to some online games pic.twitter.com/Vjz1ePZVyb

— Lentic (@oldLentach) 17 quina 2018 R.

The first lock went into Google, it hurts bitch
The second in the MasterCard hit —slash asshole
Spat Viber on concrete, on Amazon, Dixie grabbed.
Tinder is already a Cart forgotten
All Runet is, that’s all sailed…

— Perzident Roissi (@KermlinRussia) 17 quina 2018 R.

I went today to the temple, ordered prayers Zharov. If that does not help, then I don’t know pic.twitter.com/PJqB8DzzPG

— Mark Shane (@Mark__Shein) 17 quina 2018 R.

Jaroff: we have the most modern means of communication, and have access to the latest known technologies. pic.twitter.com/MEJQ1xmouq

— Metapattern (@QuodLicetIovi) 16 quinia 2018 R.


— I’m sorry (@traktor_bang) 16 quinia 2018 R.

Pavel Durov published his version of the emblem of Roskomnadzor. Something reminiscent of pic.twitter.com/25A5JkDoWP

— TJ (@tjournal) 17 quina 2018 R.

In the process of filming the Comedy Thriller “ILV block Telegram” no Telegram was not injured pic.twitter.com/B41KS5jHC8

— Metapattern (@QuodLicetIovi) 17 quina 2018 R.

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