Users found the oldest meme in history

Users found the oldest meme in history


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The caricature was published in the American humor magazine Judge.

The very first meme in the history may be almost 100 years old. To such conclusion the users of the Network once found a cartoon of 1921, reminiscent of modern memes.

The caricature was published in the American humor magazine Judge.

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The caption read: “As you think, the way you look when you take pictures and you really look like”. This is what we now call the meme “expectation and reality”.

this comic strip from 1921 is really relatable to this day

— wida (@YoRHaw) 15 quinia 2018 R.


And here’s what a modern similar memes.

When he wanted a cool photo from the concert:
The expectation/Reality

— Cat Peach (@valty123) 17 quina 2018 R.

Potato smileys, expectation vs. reality

— Anastasia (@ViaSilver) 16 quinia 2018 R.

after I drink alcohol in any quantity
the expectation/reality

— Katsu (@kutsium) 14 quinia 2018 R.

Expectation and reality.

— Ivan Semyonov (@Sem7ser) 14 quinia 2018 R.

When tried on glasses
The expectation/reality

— don’t smoke (@rusik_bang) 12 Quine 2018 R.

In the expectation / reality

— povelitel’nitsa El (@GalimullinaEl) 17 quina 2018 R.

Occupancy: chademo on Kava, pogovorim

— not rose (@nastya_dubyna) 22 August 2017 R.

Occupancy: read, pahati in other Misto, bacidia castle s friends, to SSI, sniti the robot.

— Mason. (@ShadeMax24) 26 January 2017 R.

Occupancy I realnost))

— (@navsi100) March 15, 2015.

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