Over 400 attempts of terrorist attacks in recent years. Poroshenko spoke about Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine

Over 400 attempts of terrorist attacks in recent years. Poroshenko spoke about Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine

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According to the President, important element of the subversive actions of the Russian Federation are the economic blockade and embargo on Ukrainian goods.

Russia, along with the military actions of the regular armed forces and mercenaries is a hybrid of subversive war against Ukraine on all fronts.

This was stated by the President Petro Poroshenko during a meeting in the Situation room, the press service of the head of state.

“We see attempts to organize terrorist attacks inside the country, and the security service for 3.5 years warned over 400 attempts of terrorist attacks in different regions of Ukraine”, – he stressed.

According to Poroshenko, a significant portion of terrorists who were established and detained, have been trained in their respective camps on the territory of the Russian Federation and illegally annexed Crimea.

“An important element of a hybrid war and Russian aggression is economic war. We are talking about the blockade and embargo on Ukrainian goods. Our trade has fallen significantly and is now around 9% of the total. Previously, it was more than a third,” – said the Ukrainian President.

Separately, Poroshenko drew attention to the practice of a lying fake news and propaganda that Russia uses today in the world, citing for example the initiation of an investigation against Russia Today in Britain and the broadcast of this resource in the United States.

The President also reminded that in 2014 the first targets of attack snipers were the transmitters of the Ukrainian radio and television companies in the area of conducting military operations.

Meeting on countering information aggression of the Russian Federation

Reports signal the Ukrainian media in the East is vaccination against Russian propaganda. In this vein, the assistance of our foreign partners, who have provided Ukraine with transmitters that are no less important than the transfer of lethal weapons. It’s also a method of defending our country against hybrid warfare.

Published by Petro Poroshenko on April 19, 2018

We will remind, earlier in SBU told that when Russia is preparing a new military intervention in Ukraine. The Kremlin is preparing a plan for the introduction of Russian troops this year.

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