Dancing in Bulgaria and diving in Egypt, where Ukrainian MPs are planning to go on holidays in may

Dancing in Bulgaria and diving in Egypt, where Ukrainian MPs are planning to go on holidays in may

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Holidays in the Parliament politicians want to use for their own rest and recovery.

Ukrainian MPs have already planned vacation during the may holidays, and the journalists tried to find out about the intentions of people’s deputies. It turned out that many politicians are planning to travel abroad, says the story TSN.19:30.

Rosenblatt said he intends to go to Germany, and Kisse wants to visit his native Bulgaria. “To see friends over a glass of raki, and of course, dance” – voiced the reasons for it. Dance MP will thoro popular Bulgarian dance performed by holding hands.

Video”I’m going to be treated”: as the deputies are going to spend the may holidays

Before the may holidays TSN decided to ask MPs how they plan to spend the weekend. Where people’s representatives gather to relax, treat and dance – later in the story TSN.

TSN. 19:30

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Dubinin said that also goes outside the country, but not to rest and be treated. “Drink mineral water, Kantamaneni, Italy,” he explained. And added that round there is 3.5 thousand euros. Southerner chose not South and North direction, her plans are connected with Vilnius. In Lithuania she travels with her husband.

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Chornovol is preparing for a family trip on holiday to Egypt. “We have always been there when it’s cold, I want look, as in Egypt can be when it’s warm,” she laughs. There also plans to go and Igor Lutsenko, which attracts diving. But Ptashnik said that the may holidays she will have to spend in the hospital.

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