At the gate, “kievavtodor” flared car

At the gate, “kievavtodor” flared car



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Fighters of fire protection quickly coped with its task.

At the gates of the Municipal Corporation “kievavtodor” car burned.

It is reported “Kiev.Operational” in Facebook.

At the gates of the Municipal Corporation “kievavtodor” burning car Video: On the street…

Kiev published Operational 27 APR 2018

On the street, Dneprodzerzhinsk, 129, near the gate of one of the branches kievavtodor the night broke out in a parked car Mitsubishi. The place was immediately sent to the outfits fire guards, SES, ambulance and law enforcement.

Video settings the Kiev shopping center firefighters spent the next inspection

Started in a cafe, flames engulfed more than a hundred square meters. It is legend that rescuers worked through the elimination of a conditional fire. Chrezvychainyi continue to inspect all of SEC country for compliance with fire safety. And has recorded nearly 12 thousand violations.

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