On Bank confident that they will receive tranche from the IMF and without the satisfaction of the media

On Bank confident that they will receive tranche from the IMF and without the satisfaction of the media

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Ukraine is in the top three debtors of the Fund, on the second place

On Bankova sure that tranche from the IMF, Ukraine will receive in any case. Therefore, neither the Parliament nor the government does not fulfil the key requirements — the creation of an anti-corruption court and the introduction of market gas prices.

This opinion in an article for “DT.UA” reports Julia Samaeva.

“The IMF certainly understands that confidence in Kiev that the aid will come in any case, are not groundless. Without the support of the Fund will be difficult for us to fulfill our obligations to external creditors, including himself before the IMF,” – said in the article.

Also according to her, Ukraine is in the top three debtors of the Fund ($11.9 billion.), on the second place after Greece (12.8 billion).

“Without new IMF loans, and without the support of the Fund, that guarantees the possibility of attracting funds from other IFIs or private creditors, we can pay for the debts can not. But no matter how comforting this idea, we remember that cooperation with the IMF is valuable not only material support,” the analyst notes.

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The Ministry of Finance and the European Commission discussed the terms of the fourth tranche to Ukraine

“According to forecasts of national Bank, the current account deficit will continue to grow to 2.6% of GDP by 2020 simply put, the influx of money into the country will decrease and outflow increase. Even if planned export growth imports will be ahead of, respectively, the country will experience a permanent shortage of currency on the domestic market. Of currency that will be needed for the return of numerous loans accumulated by Ukraine. The only hope for the continued growth of income from migrants, which, according to the Central Bank, will partially compensate for the deficit, and for placement of external Treasury bonds in 2018-2020, that is, obtaining new loans to pay old — said the browser. — According to the expectations of the NBU, the Finance Ministry needs this year to bring in external markets borrowing 2.5 billion dollars, in 2019, — 1,5 billion, and in 2020 — an additional 2.5 billion dollars”.

The author emphasizes that in 2018, yet the IMF program may only de jure, but it is done in Ukraine really could attract money from private lenders.

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Fingers crossed: Poroshenko said that Ukraine has fulfilled 80% of requirements of the IMF and expects to receive tranche

“But to enter foreign capital markets without the support of the IMF very difficult. For the lenders the performance by borrower of the program of the Fund is to guarantee that reforms in the country will not stop its economy will continue to grow, and now the money invested in the bonds of this country will come back with interest. If we prematurely terminate the IMF program, the confidence of private creditors in our capacity to pay decrease, especially given the upcoming elections, which always bring uncertainty assessment of investors. And even if we could attract some resources, interest on these loans will be higher than last year 7.3% of the fee for the risk of working with unreliable borrower,” — says the article.

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