Elections in GSS: Tymoshenko tells about the mafia, and Groisman calls for intolerance

Elections in GSS: Tymoshenko tells about the mafia, and Groisman calls for intolerance



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The leading political forces have differences in estimates of progress and the outcome of the vote.

In the party “Fatherland” declare victory in the United communities, the vote in 40 of which took place the day before. But in the presidential political force called the victors their candidates, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko claims that her candidates voted more than 35% of the vote and thus the party of ex-Premier held in local governments by 277 deputies. According to Tymoshenko, the second place was taken by “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, which is 27% and 212 members. This was the last election of a United community before the presidential election next year. According to Tymoshenko, to choose their power was two hundred GSS, but called for the election of only 40, and if only there, where the positions of the ruling party is strongest. “These 40 communities were selected where there is no “Fatherland”, where the strongest administrative resource. But we showed that they did not succeed in the presidential and parliamentary elections, because now you have shown that it is possible to defeat the mafia”, – Tymoshenko said.

The ruling party are called opposite numbers. BPP accuses “Homeland” of bribing voters, and that in response to power blames the party the use of administrative resources. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman welcomed the elections, but expressed regret about the style of doing politics opponents. “I am encouraged by the progress of decentralization. But I have to talk about something else, that disgusts me. These election observers have called the dirtiest since the revolution of dignity. I have a question. Do all the things we’ve been through as a country learned nothing from some of our politicians?! When they start to really fight for people’s respect, rather than trying to buy their vote?! So, law enforcement agencies must investigate all the facts of bribery, election law violations, fraud. So, the responsibility for these things have to be strengthened and the bill, we have already introduced to the Parliament. But I also appeal to the hard intolerance of the society to such a policy. If we do not eradicate the practice of dirty politics, we will again become its hostage,” wrote the Prime Minister in Facebook.

Videomerge “Fatherland” and of BBP there was a scandal because of the election to the United territorial communities

The day before the vote took place in forty communities. In Batkivshchina party declared victory in the elections in a United local communities. However, in the ruling party, the numbers are called opposite. “BPP” accuses “Homeland” of bribing voters, and it “BPP” – to use administrative resources.

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