Attack Nayem and cyborg. What is behind the violent attacks of “hooligans”

Attack Nayem and cyborg. What is behind the violent attacks of “hooligans”

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Between crimes there is a strange coincidence.

May holidays in the Ukrainian cities of peace was not quite peaceful. In particular, there was the attack on MP Mustafa Nayem, atoshnik Dmitry Verbica. These crimes by the police qualifies as an ordinary hooliganism, reads the story TSN.Week.

The distance between these stories, only two kilometers and two days. At first glance, these attacks are as different as night and day. But so far, these two stories – of our total unpreparedness to defend himself. In fact, there is one common detail: both attacks, according to the police, made the usual bullies.

The Golden boys

22-year-old Magomed-Salikh Saitov – a citizen of Russia, who is studying in the capital’s Polytechnic Institute. His stay in custody, according to counsel, “violate the right to education.” Defense asks you not to remit the matter to the political mainstream. The judge agrees – house arrest is enough. The same fate in beating Nayem was also selected for two other of his friends. One of them is 19-year-old Ahmed Saitov is a Ukrainian citizen. He has no job but was driving a “Cube” with Russian numbers and the first out of the car. The other Umat Temirbulatov, a citizen of Russia.


It all started like a standard car disassembly. Mercedes Caucasians clipped the Honda, which was ruled by the MP. Mustafa hot and did not allow the offender to leave. The car go Saitova. “They stopped themselves out of the car, threatening and using profanity,” – said Nayem.

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The other side has their own story. According to them, the first to threaten became the Deputy. Representatives of the Chechen Diaspora state that they condemn the actions of their boys. “We condemn their actions. They will be punished according to the law and their parents, who are very dear people here in Ukraine. But the MP blows the situation for self-promotion”, – said the representatives of the Diaspora.

Mustapha called the police, and guys also called to the rescue. A black BMW pulled up two, one was on foot. Starts beating hard. Subsequently, three Chechens detained another two, which arrived on a black car, will be able to disappear. One of them, according to police, fled to Baku. But the next day he was detained there. The fugitive and caused most of the injuries to the Deputy.

According to unofficial information, was detained in Baku on 26-year-old Mohammed Amin Saitov was the owner of a number of businesses in Ukraine, including the promotion company “the Boombox proposes”. However, this dust-up between the Golden boys and MP has received unexpected continuation.

Than gas, hammer

48 hours later, there was another crime. “I didn’t feel like coming up behind me. I put myself in the negative. Immediately hit in the back with a knife. Turned blew out a cylinder eyes. And then – he ran across the street. Caught up trying to finish, but I’m having slightly opened eyes, was able to fight back. Aiming hammers in the head”, – said Dmitry wounded, Verbic.

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Dmitry Verbica 28 years. He fought at the Donetsk airport. In the city center in broad daylight by three guys and two girls are attacking a passer-by. Hit in the back with a knife, fill the eye with gas and trying to finish with a hammer. Two girls filmed it on video. Verbic – not the Deputy. Perhaps that is why the attackers are looking for still, but already on the first day the users of social networks saw an interesting coincidence.

“Revolutionary action”

In the March of the leftist group “Revolutionary action” could be seen on a guy. Like it was recorded during the attack on Verbicha. Visit this group it is possible to notice the winter attack their right-wing enemies. “Revolutionary action” is not taking responsibility for the attack on cyborg: “We cannot speak on behalf of those who attacked the Dmitry men, however, condemn such actions, if these actions were committed by anarchists. The attack on the Nazis needs to be targeted and find opponent solely on the clear identification with Nazi symbols or political activity.”

Dmitry said – it is possible that the performers were from the leftist environment, but customers somewhere else.
“There is a tendency that some leftist extremist organization, the people organize a number of such shares. Ill up to attempted murder. This is done to increase the degree of tension” – does not preclude, Verbic.
Those who rakes in heat

Wounded soldier told of another attack. Sergey Sternenko activist “Right Sector” in Odessa. On the eve of the Kiev attack ran up to him from behind and shot in the back of a converted starting pistol. “Before reaching the car 20 meters, I heard behind the shot. Felt a jolt in the neck. As it turned out, there were two shots. Nasty hole I had in the neck. I yelled: “Hold it. It’s criminal.” For him, it was obvious – he was holding a gun,” recalled the activist.

A native of Kazakhstan and citizen of Ukraine Abzal Baimukasheva was arrested. He is silent now.

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But back to the beating of the Deputy. Shortly after Mustafa was taken to the hospital, to him and his friends begin receiving interesting letters. All of them sent from addresses certain social organizations and even the email boxes of people’s deputies of Ukraine. All have threats. Other MP strongly suggest to stop raising the excitement around this story.

“You need to chill and stop trying to escalate the situation around Mustafa. Now he understands, apparently, he caught karma and now he will receive for all of their schools… Mustafa mountaineers have already made the decision. Don’t follow him,” – the statement says.

All the letters have already been sent to the police. Mustafa says he sent the letters not the ones on whose behalf they acted.

“Apparently, it’s some kind of provocateurs who want you to think that, on behalf of whom they send. To give color of ethno-national I really do not want at all. The situation is unstable. The situation, which might be interested to anyone. We asked security. Given the fact that there are threats and they can be implemented,” – said the politician.

Who is interested in each of the three attacks? This is advantageous to obtain as a dividend ethnic conflict in the capital of Ukraine and a war between right and left, which are encouraged to resolve the issue a bloody showdown? Possible answer in tomorrow’s events in Moscow. May 7, Vladimir Putin once again called the President of Russia. Chaos on the streets of Ukrainian – the best gift to his inaugural.

Stanislaw Jasinski

Videovelocity special operations: between the beating of the Deputy of Hire and Atoshnik Verbicha there may be a link

Ukraine has stirred up the attack on former journalist and MP, Mustafa Nayem and Atoshnik Dmitry Verbica. The police qualified the attack as ordinary hooliganism. But TSN.Week conducted its own investigation and found the third attack, and the fact that all of these attempt may be a special operation.

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