The worst horror of the Russian mercenaries. What you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of “Javelin” in the Donbass

The worst horror of the Russian mercenaries. What you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of “Javelin” in the Donbass

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The war in the East

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Weapons can be located on the territory of Lviv region under the watchful eye of the Americans.

This week, President Petro Poroshenko has confirmed receipt from the United States of America anti-tank systems “javelin”.

As stated in the story TSN.Week, infrared homing head gives you the ability to fire at tanks on the principle of “fire and forget”. Smart missile, fixed object, will keep it until destroyed, even if the tank is otherwise shy away. And most importantly – you can shoot from any shelter. Which would not have been the shooter himself – rocket picks up sharply, by as much as 160 meters, with the height of the flight flies to the point of targeting. Hit the target is from a height in the least protected area of a surface. Thus the shooter can hide from enemy instant response.

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“Javelin” protect against Russian aggression, but will not change the army – former Pentagon official

The Kremlin did everything to disrupt the supply of “Javelin”.

“It has been the subject of long negotiations, until in 2017 the President has not made a decision on the transfer of “Javelin” to Ukraine. They were delivered a few weeks ago,” reported Heather Nauert, the representative of US state Department.

The worst horror of the Russian mercenaries becomes a reality. 35 combat launcherswhich complete will go on the six missiles each. The two more units, which will be used for parts. The contract is $ 47 million. Global arms trade is a drop in the ocean. But for Kiev – is a powerful signal of support and protection. “Javelin” wins in a duel with a tank with almost 100% probability. Therefore, if the Russian tank crews receive the order to attack, it will be suicide, experts say.

“This makes it impossible for the scenario of the Russian offensive. It will paralyze any large-scale offensive operations of Russian armored vehicles on the front,” said Yury Butusov, analyst.

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Poltorak called the date when the Ukrainian army will start to prepare to apply the “Javelin” in practice

At the forefront mainly use the system “Fagot”, which was made in Soviet times. “In contrast to the “Javelina”, the missile should be controlled. Behind him stretches a thin wire to the point of meeting the target. Thus, unlike operators, “Javelina”, the soldiers can not be so fast to leave the position. Sagittarius controls the rocket during flight. While it is flying, the fighter can detect the enemy. And then the position will be covered by mortars.

The starter weight 22 kg – it is not something I want to run a marathon. “Gawlikowski” command block weighs three times less. And the system “Fagot”, and even its modern reincarnation domestic “Stugna” hit the target only in the forehead. “Javelin” comes at the target from above like a hawk, and falls in the most vulnerable place – commander’s hatch. To survive in the tank almost impossible. But with all the benefits of the “javelin” effective distance up to 2.5 km, which means that the decisive factor in the duel with the tank is not “javelin”, and the one who does not shoot, because the distance to the enemy tank critically low.

The battalion commander 24 brigade Yuri Hungarians believes that the launches should be carried out in the so-called gray zone. “People should be not that bold and crazy, because it is necessary to go beyond the front line of defense in the “gray area”, but it’s a big risk,” he added.

It is unlikely that people will do it with the “Javelin” on his shoulders, if he never came to a duel. Therefore, if the polygon is prepared shooters that not a day was at the front, it would negate all the advantages of the weapon. According to TSN.Week operators “Javelin” was prepared in December last year. The place of storage of missiles was not disclosed.

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“Javelin” in Ukraine is a clear “deterrent” message to the aggressor.

The preparation of the Ukrainian settlements were led by Lieutenant General Sergei New, the commander of the United Forces. This week he is responsible for a military operation in the East.

Sergey Nev said that at present, anti-tank “javelin” in its submission no.

In January, U.S. Wall Street Journal wrote that the “Javelin” will not be on the front, and will be stored in one of the training centers under the supervision of us military. If so, one of the places is likely to be the Yavoriv training ground. In this case, the missiles located over a thousand miles from the front. Therefore, the advantage of the “Javelin” is only political. But in whatever part of Ukraine they are not stored, is only the first step. Behind her through the open door into the country will drop American defense products of $ 300 million.

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