The storm has complicated the decoration of the monument of Mother Motherland, Kiev

The storm has complicated the decoration of the monument of Mother Motherland, Kiev


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On the figure’s head should appear poppy wreath.

Monday morning work began on the decoration of the monument to Motherland in the Ukrainian capital. By evening the work was complicated by the strong wind and rain, says the story TSN.19:30.

Decorate design went 11 employees. A wreath weighing a hundredweight, they raised up before the storm. Workers are convinced that for the fourth time in a row will do the job. “The morning began, and all night we’ll work till morning,” they say.

Video settings Kyiv began the decoration of the monument of Motherland

At this moment in the Museum of history of Ukraine during the Second world war in Kiev is already a traditional decoration of the monument of the Motherland. For three consecutive years the monument was decorated with a wreath with poppies for a few weeks.

TSN. 19:30

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Climbers recognized that inside the head of the monument, the feeling is quite unusual monument sways in the wind. “The feeling: standing in place, and the planet moves,” they say.

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Soviet coat of arms with the “Motherland” are not removed because of the will of the sculptor, and the star on the Khreshchatyk stands up.

The red poppy symbolizes a gunshot wound and is the main symbol of remembrance for the victims of the Second world war, accepted in the world. The head of Motherland, a wreath of red poppies will decorate a few weeks in may.

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