Lawyers do not exclude that Russia will not pay for lost in the Hague the case of the seizure of property in the Crimea

Lawyers do not exclude that Russia will not pay for lost in the Hague the case of the seizure of property in the Crimea

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Russia billed at 159 million dollars.

Law firm Hughes Hubbard does not rule out that Russia will refuse from the payment awarded by the Arbitration court in the Hague amounts to expropriation of hotels, apartments and other real estate in the Crimea.

About it reported in a press release, which is available to Tsna.

Russia refused to participate in the trial. “In the near future unhindered and voluntary payment of awards, it seems an unlikely prospect. The seat of arbitration in the Hague, opening the potential for Russia to challenge the decision in the same jurisdiction, where the country leads a legal fight for the resolution of a much larger number of decisions in favor of the majority shareholders of the oil company “YUKOS”, – stated in the message.

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According to the court Russia must pay damages to Ukrainian investors who suffered as a result of the annexation of Crimea in 2014, 159 million dollars. Initially the plaintiffs, which include the 18 Ukrainian companies and one individual, demanded compensation in the amount of approximately $ 220 million., “but the referees seem to have reduced the size requirements in the assessment of damages arising from breach of contract”.

The arbitration proceedings were initiated in 2015. According to the plaintiffs, a number of residential and commercial real estate, including hotels, apartment buildings and private residential apartments, located on the so-called Gold coast of the Black sea, were expropriated by decree for several months after the occupation of Crimea. The plaintiffs do not claim that the Russian occupation or annexation of Crimea is, in itself, a breach of contract.

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Recall also that Russian “Gazprom” refuses to pay of 2.56 billion dollars, which the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” has won arbitration in Stockholm in the corresponding claim. The company said that “earlier, these arbitrators agreed with the arguments of “Naftogaz” about the sharp deterioration of the Ukrainian economy, which resulted in a reduction in gas demand and default of “Naftogaz” on gas”. “However, in respect of “Gazprom” refers to the decrease in purchases by European clients as the main reason for the reduction of transit through Ukraine, this argument is taken into account was not”, — stated in the message “Supreme”.

In addition, Russia has refused to pay billions of dollars in compensation in the case of former owners of “YUKOS”. According to Vladimir Putin, Russia has not ratified the European energy Charter, therefore, the jurisdiction of this court is not recognized in Russia.

Videosu in the Hague ruled that Russia must pay damages to Ukrainian investors for the annexation of Crimea

The refund amount is 159 million dollars. This decision called victory for the Ukrainian companies, in which the Russians seized assets during the occupation of the Peninsula. And this is the first in the history of the decision, which makes Moscow to pay compensation for the annexation.

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