“Everyone will have to answer for all this”: Marines on the sea of Azov dream about

“Everyone will have to answer for all this”: Marines on the sea of Azov dream about

The war in the East

Today, 04:13

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The military want the war ended, but the victory of Ukraine.

In the seaside area of the front operations are conducted mainly at night and in the hours of silence forces strengthen their positions and digging new trenches. The length of the trenches is measured by kilometers, and the weight thrown manually land – tons, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“They shoot, and then we right back out, again digging”, – told about the daily life on the front lines soldier named “Bob”. Fighters already memorized and the location of the minefields and places of special sighting of the work of snipers, so move cautiously and confidently at the same time. The division remained the most persistent, the time, the routine and the fear weed out the faint of heart. “We are the Marines” – say soldiers.

Video surveillance the sea of Azov fighters in the night to fire on Ukrainian positions with mortars and small arms

Without a single light in complete darkness, in a roundabout way in order not to go into a minefield and not get into a sniper scope – so 4 years living the military. Night battle is very hard, because the enemy is not visible and difficult to aim.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:22

Every evening they prepare for new fights and I dream of a time when commanders are allowed to go on the offensive, and the enemy finally really answer for all the crimes against Ukraine. “Each will have to answer for”, – assured the men. Even in extreme conditions battle the Marines show nobility and restraint. “You get down, please”, asks one of them journalists, when the bullets begin to whistle over their heads.

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No names on the front do not like – they admit only nicknames. And your call sign soldier must earn and prove that he deserves to be, for example, “Owl” or “Uncle”. “The call letters they give you for something. For example, some personal traits,” says the first. The behavior of the enemy, the Marines studied is not worse than their own characteristics. “When they need to do something – there came more prepared. When a duty, the duty is less prepared – local” – say soldiers.

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About life at the end of the war, these boys dream and in these dreams there is no place for weapons. “In sports will return. Will you graduate, will the children from the streets to take in sports,” is planning a young man, a fighter with the call sign “Shot”.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk

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