Leaders for contributions and violations. As the Ukrainian party was working in 2017

Leaders for contributions and violations. As the Ukrainian party was working in 2017



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Also announced the number of confiscated money.

The national Agency on corruption prevention has published a list of parties with the greatest contributions from individuals and legal entities for financing statutory activities in 2017.

Information announced during the briefing a member of the NACP Natalia Korchak and head of the Department on prevention of political corruption Ruslan Igonin.

According to the Agency, a leader in the deposits was the “agrarian party”, where individuals received 4 million 707 397 thousand hryvnias, and from the legal – 898 13 million 497 thousand UAH, and together – 18 605 million 895 thousand hryvnias. Next is “DILL” General admission to more than 15 million, “Based on” – 3 million 908 thousand, IN “Freedom” – 3 million 482 thousand.

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“National corpus”, according to the NACP, has received contributions of $ 2 322 million 707 thousand hryvnias, including 2 million 234 thousand from individuals. On the last place in the top 10 – “the new forces movement” of Mikheil Saakashvili. Contributions to political power was only 146 of 582 thousand hryvnia.

Among the parliamentary parties in the first place was the “Fatherland.” Total contributions 9 million 270 thousand hryvnia 256. Hereinafter, the Opposition bloc (6 662 113 UAH), “Block of Petro Poroshenko” (4 089 128 UAH), “Samopomich” (1 998 525 UAH), “Radical party” (1 139 816 UAH). Contributions to the “popular front” made up only 5 966 thousand hryvnia, and only from individuals.

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Among the most popular violations in the sphere of accountability of political parties: the absence of reports of local organisations and information about their assets, income, expenses and financial obligations, failure to make findings annual internal audit party, the deadline for submission of the Report, failure to Report and failure to provide information, documents, and violation of the legislatively established terms of their provision to the National Agency.

By decision of the court of a number of parties to the budget of Ukraine confiscated funds obtained through illegal contributions. Thus, the “agrarian party” has lost 500 thousand 800 hryvnias, “DILL” – 468 947 UAH, “Samopomich” – 134 168 UAH, “the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists” – 101 652 UAH, “the Progressive socialist party of Ukraine” – 42 620 UAH. Only 1 million 314 thousand 687 USD.

Recall is Natalia Korchak, who resigned as head of the NACP, by the Agency of March 28, led by Alexander of Mangul. His monthly salary in April was 119 thousand 909 hryvnias.


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