Savchenko has lost 17 pounds – nurse

Savchenko has lost 17 pounds – nurse

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The people’s lady problems with their teeth, say family members.

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko during a hunger strike in jail, has lost 17 kilograms of weight. This was stated by her sister, Vera Savchenko.

“Hope 68 kg now (weighs – Ed.). She was 85, is now 68. She actively uses vitamins and some other drugs like coral calcium tablets because she had surgery on the tooth. And taking antibiotics without vitamins it is impossible”, – quotes its words “Ukrainian truth”.

According to the sister Savchenko, during the stay in Russia she was pokrocilych teeth, to cure them, she had not.

“Now, she had surgery. It was last week. Now Hope feels normal,” – said Vera Savchenko.

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Media published a photo of Savchenko after the hunger strike

She said that today Hope Savchenko celebrates his birthday and so her mother brought her a cake.

“I hope that she will try,” added Faith.

The next trial on the case of Savchenko will be held on may 14, she summed up.

We will remind, on March 22 the Verkhovna Rada withdrew with Savchenko immunity and approved the criminal prosecution and arrest.

Savchenko is accused of preparing a large-scale attack against the country’s leadership with the coup. Vote against Savchenko convinced the deputies of the 30-minute video. She, along with his accomplice Vladimir Ruban to the details of planning a terrorist attack with thousands of victims in Kiev.

On 23 March, the Shevchenko district court of Kiev chose Savchenko measure of restraint in the form of two months in jail, and the MP went on a hunger strike. On 29 March the Kyiv court of Appeals upheld the decision of Shevchenkovsky regional court in respect of detention of people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko.

April 10, SBU officers searched the apartment Savchenko. 17 April, she gave evidence on the polygraph.

Videoville after the announcement of the hunger strike, Nadiya Savchenko appeared in front of cameras

The honourable arrested suspected of preparing terrorist attack in the capital with the subsequent seizure of power. Food in detention Savchenko refused on 24 March. The court Savchenko was brought at the request of the SBU. Investigators are trying to take a sample of saliva to compare with what is found on one of the phones in this case. To provide a voluntary saliva Savchenko refuses.

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