The ex-wife and a new mother-in-law reacted to Express the wedding of Dade’s Deputy

The ex-wife and a new mother-in-law reacted to Express the wedding of Dade’s Deputy

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None of the relatives at an official ceremony was not.

Embroidery came to the ceremony of marriage MP Yevhen Deidei. His fiancee Daria Ledovskikh dressed in a dress for 10 thousand hryvnias and embellished hair flowers, says the story TSN.19:30.

30-year-old MP got married a week after his divorce and not the ceremony, visibly worried. The first said “Yes” lawyer Daria, who decided to take her husband’s name. “Happiness,” replied the pair in question that you feel after making their relations. “Thank God, everything behind. We’ve been going to this,” said Dade.

Videolarda Eugene Dade married his girlfriend a week after the divorce

The girl is a girl is not easy, rich and glamorous. It was because of her he left his first wife, with whom he lived for 10 years. Second marriage Deidei recorded hastily in the service center that paints a day. Rumors that the Deputy was married to the daughter of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Victoria Kravchuk is based, mother-in-law has described as “nonsense”.

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The married couple was only six months, but the scandal: the Deputy suddenly threw his ex-wife Inga, with whom he lived for 10 years. All the stuff that was on it, so he through court has demanded to return the debt in the amount of UAH 3.5 million, and the wife was worried sick over love failure. “Since the end of November 2017, he lives with his mistress… if he Started a relationship on the side with this person for your own gain and security? I don’t know! This question is better ask him”, – told ex-wife. Now Inga does not comment on anything he wants, and says that not even he knew about the marriage the ex-husband. “To me it is absolutely uninteresting. I don’t want to discuss the issues with him,” she said. “Follow the courts, you’ll see. Not the day to talk about it”, – commented on the divorce itself Eugene.

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A new hobby of Dada coincided with the criminal investigation Deputy wanted to strip immunity for possible illegal enrichment. His new girlfriend Daria in his 27 years, I have stayed a member, but the mandate was made because of the pregnancy. Her aunt, also an MP, and his mother – the Prosecutor of GPU Victoria Kravchuk. TSN she said that the wedding is happy, the new son-in-law is proud, and rumors that the Deputy married the daughter of a calculation called “nonsense”.

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MP Deidei married for the second time in less than a week after the divorce (9 photos)

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The couple assured that met in Parliament for a long time, but began Dating recently. Relationship Deidei called “love at third sight”, and his new wife has big plans for a career. “I want to go further, and work to develop. And in the family is always support,” she explained. The couple decided to have a festive feast and honeymoon. The couple plan to live a while in a rented apartment together with 3-year-old son Darya from another man.

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