The ice cream man for 5 or waiter for 7 thousand UAH: Ukrainian students choose a seasonal summer jobs

The ice cream man for 5 or waiter for 7 thousand UAH: Ukrainian students choose a seasonal summer jobs

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To work young people want not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

School year of students coming to an end, and until next year there is a free three months. The job market appears a lot of seasonal offers, which will benefit young people, says the story TSN.19:30.

Alex Shtepenko jokes that in the summer would like to work in the office, because there is the most important thing in heat and air conditioning. But really looking for a job as a waiter. Last summer he made 6 thousand hryvnias a month, that wants to receive not less than 10. He admits that with students, employers in the service sector do things differently. “Somewhere to pay, somewhere in there, somewhere, trying to wriggle. It depends on the staff,” he said.

Videotransit students begin to actively seek employment for the summer holidays

School year of students coming to an end and next year is free for three months. Like to relax, and make the young people think today. And in the job market, there are many seasonal offers. Recruiters remind us that summer is a great opportunity to earn some money, and try something new.

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21-year-old Svetlana for the fourth consecutive year in the summer works as a counselor. After graduating from the University will be a teacher, but seasonal work liked it so much that plans to go to camp. “Constantly in motion some. And no time to be bored,” she explains. During one shift counselor in Kiev pay 2.5 thousand hryvnia, and a bit more if the camp exit.

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The recruiter says that the summer job, there are thousands of options in Kiev and in the cities. Employ them officially to be an animator, DJ, operator Batuta parks, a sailor-lifeguard, cleaner areas, salesman and so on. To sell sweets in Truskavets it is possible for 3,5 thousand hryvnias, the seller of ice cream can count on 5 thousand, the waiter – for 6-7 thousand without tip.

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Recruiters like to remind you that summer is an excellent opportunity to earn money and to try something new. But experts suggest young workers to read carefully the conditions under which they are signed. “If he goes to the lifeguard and said it will only save the victims – and there’s a point to keep the equipment to manage chairs. He said: Hm, I did not sign it. And in the jobs it was. And he could not see,” – says the expert on employment Tatyana Pashkina.

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Owner beauty salons Noah Kremenchutska a lot of work with students and came to the conclusion that to motivate to work needs not only money, but also interest. “Otherwise the opportunity to earn more and the wind will blow. But some kind of internal motivation – it certainly gives a more stable working,” says she.

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But for those Ukrainian students who study abroad to settle in Europe to work much more difficult, because it is necessary to obtain a special permit. Faculty of philosophy in Vienna Agnes Sambir wants to work in the fashion industry, so working as a consultant in the stores. “The waiting period for the permit is about three weeks, after which the student has the right to work 20 hours a week. Wages in Austria the student is about 7-10 euros per hour,” she said.

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