“I would like to convey greetings to who done it”: the people of Trinity are outraged by the night fire fighters

“I would like to convey greetings to who done it”: the people of Trinity are outraged by the night fire fighters

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The war in the East

Yesterday, 22:48

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From large shells killed two people, many more hospitalized.

The whole family has suffered from attacks of fighters in the village troitske in Luhansk. Shells smashed their country, says the story TSN.19:30.

The military said that the shelling was short – formed a total of 14 shells. However, they were powerful – caliber 122 or 152 mm. We had exclusively private sector and homes in it, the position of the army that attack was not caught. The soldiers say that the enemy fired artillery and it is possible that deliberately attacked civilians.

Video surveillance Luhansk region fighters fired at Trinity, died of civil

15 heavy artillery shells fell on the village. One flew into the house where I was hiding the whole family. The explosion killed a 13 year old teenager and his father. Survived older brother, he’s hurt. It is known that the family lives in the neighboring MHP, and Trinity came to the country.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:00

Neighbors of the victim family said the 17-year-old boy ran to them for help. “Save the mother! And there… It keeps my guts, between you and me… I just want “Hello” to say who did it. We the whole village weep and wish him the health to have a look at their “fruit,” the neighbor says.

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The police treated the fire school in Svetlodarsk.

As reported, on may 18 at around 2:00 a.m. the occupants opened fire on the village of Troitskoe. The shelling killed a student of the 7th class of the school of Mironov and his father. Later it was reported that in the hospital where he died a peaceful inhabitant , the wife of the deceased man and the boy’s mother. However, later this message was denied. Law enforcement officers are investigating a night attack on the private house on street forge in the village of Troitskoe, as a terrorist act. “The militants shelled Ukrainian towns and military positions in different areas, and this is the second night in a row, when is fixed and the use of heavy weapons and intensification of violence. This is a tactic of Putin – escalation of the conflict on the eve of a possible meeting in the Normandy format, to up the ante and speak from a position of strength,” – wrote in Facebook Irina Gerashchenko, Ukraine’s representative to the Humanities subgroup of the Trilateral contact group on the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass.

The TSN reporter Dmitry Moroz

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