“Unprecedented investments”: the first classes in Ukrainian schools has allocated almost a billion hryvnia

“Unprecedented investments”: the first classes in Ukrainian schools has allocated almost a billion hryvnia



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Grinevich encourage parents to control where you are going allocated money to school.

This year on equipment for the first class in Ukrainian schools, the government allocated almost a billion UAH. But this is only government funding. Taking into account the funds allocated from the local budgets, this amount is even more.

About this on air of the talk show “Right to Vlad,” on the TV channel “1+1” said the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych.

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“At the moment, this unprecedented investment in school. For all the years of independence such investment was not. I want to appeal to parents and say: please, more in control of money for your school,” she said.

Grinevich noted that adopted last year the law on education obliges to disclose the budgets of the schools and what are the allocated money. Parents and students do not have to give any extra money “for repairs.”

“If today, and for repairs of schools give local authorities, and we have to put so much resource, then it is necessary to ask parents. If someone offers to donate money for repairs, you can watch and ask how many gave the local budget for repairs this year”, – said the Minister.

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Recall that due to educational reforms by the first of September should print three times more textbooks than usual. Liliya Hrynevych noted that in Ukraine there is sufficient printing capacity to so quickly these books to print, but she says that the textbooks for first graders are printed in the first place and for the new school year they be provided with them.

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School accountability became transparent – parents can track how much the school receives state subsidies and what to spend, and at what price. Thus it is possible before to put money “on desks and Windows”, to check whether the school lacks funds, says Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych.

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