In NACP explained, making Gontareva to avoid responsibility for violations of the Declaration

In NACP explained, making Gontareva to avoid responsibility for violations of the Declaration

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Violations were detected in more than 57 thousand.

In return for the 2016 former head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva revealed violations for total amount of UAH 57398.

Such data leads the National Agency for prevention of corruption, writes “Ukrainian truth”.

“Inaccurate information in the Declaration that have monetary measurement, amount to 57 thousand 398 hryvnias”, – noted in the NACP.

In particular, the Declaration is not specified in the registration and cadastral number of part of the declared properties; information with respect to companies in which the son has corporate rights are not duplicated in the section with regard to beneficial ownership; not specified part of the income, including family members, in the form of dividends, interest and additional benefits; incorrectly state the amount of income of the son in the form of wages.

Gontareva will not prosecute because there are no grounds.

“Given that the administrative responsibility for declaring false information comes only if such information is different from the reliable in excess of 100 times the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons who on the date of filing officer is 1600 UAH (total amount of 160 thousand UAH), the grounds for bringing the subject of the Declaration to administrative or criminal responsibility do not exist”, – explained in NACP.

Videoitogi activities Gontareva as the head of the National Bank of Ukraine

Valeria Gontareva last week is no longer the head of the National Bank of Ukraine. And that she is very happy. And is there a reason to rejoice Ukrainians? Together with experts and victims of the policy of the national Bank summarize the three-year reign of Valeria Gontareva.


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