SAP transferred the case of former MP Martynenko in court

SAP transferred the case of former MP Martynenko in court

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Ex-Deputy and other persons accused of stealing vast amounts in dollars and euros.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office by results of a pretrial investigation, the NEB sent to the court indictment against the former people’s Deputy Nikolay Martynenko, and also the citizens S. V. Fractures, M. G. Zhurilo, A. G. Sorokin, V. I. V. Bogdanets and A. Vasilkov.

In the SAP said that the accused is charged with committing crimes under part 5 St. 191 (misappropriation of another’s property by abuse of official position), part 3, article 209 (legalization of incomes received by a criminal way), part 1 of article 255 of the criminal code of Ukraine (creation of a criminal organization).

In particular, Martynenko and Vasilkov is accused of taking cash GP “NAEK “Energoatom” during the conclusion and implementation of contracts for supply of equipment for this enterprise from the Czech company Skoda JS, conclusion and execution of a contract between škoda JS and company Bradcrest Investments SA for a total amount of 6 million 400 thousand Euro 777.

The investigation also accuses Martynenko, Fracture, Zhurilo, Sorokin and Bogdanci in misappropriation of funds of GP “VostGOK” in the amount of 17.28 million dollars through illegal detention and subsequent execution of the contract of purchase and sale of uranium concentrate SE “VostGOK” No. 70/13 across the Austrian intermediary company Steuermann Investitions und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, controlled by members of a criminal organization.

Against the other defendants in this case pre-judicial investigation is still ongoing. In particular, in a Bolo for four people, two of whom are citizens of Austria. One of the suspects, who were disappeared, detained, and elected him a measure of restraint, pre-trial investigation is still ongoing.

Earlier it was reported that the press service of the Deputy noted that the case Martynenko “was the first political case to the NAB and the record for the duration of the fraud,” and it “will fall apart in any court.” And all involved will promise to “prosecute”.

Videoapparatury court upheld the decision on bail for Martynenko of MPs and Ministers

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12 may 2017, 20:08


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