The European Commission has decided not to fine the Russian “Gazprom” for antitrust violations

The European Commission has decided not to fine the Russian “Gazprom” for antitrust violations

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The EC has threatened Gazprom with a fine in case of default of the settlement agreement.

The European Commission has completed the investigation of the Antimonopoly case against “Gazprom“. The Russian company will not be fined. However, a penalty is possible if it will not execute the settlement agreement.

Among the commitments was the provision of free supplies of gas at competitive prices in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, says the European Commission:

“The European Commission took the decision to make these commitments legally binding for “Gazprom” in the framework of article 9 of the antitrust regulation in the European Union. If the company violates these obligations, the Commission may impose a penalty of up to 10% of global turnover”.

The imposition of a penalty without the conditions envisaged in article 7 of the antitrust regulation.

Meanwhile, “Gazprom” considers that the EU’s decision is “most reasonable outcome” for the gas market, reports AFP.

Earlier , the European Commission has promised to help Ukraine in the dispute with “Gazprom”.

Videospornosalma service started description and the arrest in Ukraine of property of the Russian monopoly “Gazprom”

The announcement appeared on the official site. It refers to the penalty imposed on “Gazprom” the Antimonopoly Committee two years ago for abuse of monopoly position on the market of Ukraine. It is now almost 172 billion. And in this case, the Executive service of the Ministry of justice started the procedure of seizure of assets of “Gazprom” – and this is property and shares four of its businesses.

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