When purchasing online tickets on the train began to indicate the absence of air conditioners

When purchasing online tickets on the train began to indicate the absence of air conditioners



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The presence or absence of air conditioning does not at all affect the ticket price.

Ukrzaliznytsya” introduced a new option when purchasing tickets online – information on the presence or absence of air conditioning in the car.

If the air conditioner is, the marks next to “car Type” are missing. If the car is missing the air-cooling system, it will be drawn red crossed out snowflake and the words “No air conditioning”.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” continues successfully the chosen course to increase the level of service for passengers, which introduces a new option allowing passengers to choose the train car with air conditioning. Already at the stage of choosing seats in the train, the passenger clearly is to understand the conditions in which he will travel and what level of comfort expect. Now in the online sale of tickets over the image places a special marker, which informs whether it was in this car air conditioning. If not, then air conditioning in this car is. This information will be stated in the purchased ticket. New option valid for the regional trains and long distance trains”, – stated in the message carrier.

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Earlier it was reported that in 2018, Ukrzaliznytsia plans to purchase 54 new passenger cars and to carry out major repairs and restoration of 150 cars. All cars will be equipped with air-conditioning systems.

It should be noted that the presence or absence of air-conditioning systems do not affect the ticket price is the same. For example – the price of travel in the wagon train compartment №148К Kiev – Odessa on June 14:




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