Lithuania and Canada opposed the lock-Hungary cooperation between Ukraine and NATO

Lithuania and Canada opposed the lock-Hungary cooperation between Ukraine and NATO

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In Poland it is suggested to involve NATO Secretary General to resolve the dispute.

Representatives of Lithuania and Canada in the NATO parliamentary Assembly stated the inadmissibility of blocking Hungary cooperation between Ukraine and the Alliance.

About it reports UKRINFORM.

“One of the Visegrad countries are trying to use NATO as a tool to lock the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine. This is unacceptable and I therefore ask our Hungarian colleagues that they contributed to the fact that the Hungarian government did not use NATO as a tool to solve problems between Ukraine and Hungary,” – said the representative of Lithuania at Saturday’s meeting of the NATO parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw.

Video surveillance the meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO countries will not be Ukrainian representative because of the protests of Hungary

Today is to be held, the Commission Ukraine-the NATO at level of Ministers of foreign Affairs. But the visit of our delegation have blocked Hungary through the language disputes in the field of education. On the sidelines now there are lively discussions, whether because of the question, which is not connected with the Alliance, to block our intentions to become protected from the aggressor. TSN managed to ask Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary.

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The representative of Canada said that he visited the schools of national minorities in Ukraine, and there is respected the right to use native languages. He stressed that there is nothing surprising in the fact that Ukraine is revising domestic legislation to promote the native language, because it is done in all countries.

“Blocking one of the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine for us looks very odd and problematic from a political point of view,” said canadian delegate.

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The representative of Hungary replied that the Budapest “has always demonstrated solidarity with Ukraine and NATO.” He said that his country “will support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and condemns the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia”.

He said that the Ukrainian law on education creates many problems for the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia, so Budapest is counting on the solidarity of the NATO members on this issue.

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The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz for its part said that he had discussed the issue with the blocking of the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto, and the following Tuesday to talk about this with foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin.

Czaputowicz hopes that the dispute between Hungary and Ukraine will be solved and for this offers to bring in a third party – for example, NATO Secretary General.

We will remind, Budapest demands from Kiev to refrain from the implementation of the law on education in accord with the national minorities, in particular Hungarians of Transcarpathia. In this regard, Hungary is blocking the European and Euro-Atlantic initiatives of Ukraine. In turn, the foreign Minister of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz proposed to change the format of the meetings of the Commission Ukraine-NATO in order to circumvent the blocking Hungary.

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