The EU has named the main problems with human rights and democracy in Ukraine

The EU has named the main problems with human rights and democracy in Ukraine

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The EU pointed to Kiev has not completed the investigation of the Maidan. © UNIAN


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A number of challenges remain, which Kiev is unable to cope for a long time.

The Council of the European Union on Monday, may 28, approved the EU’s annual report on human rights and democracy in the world in 2017. The report is published on the website of the EU Council.

In the introduction to the report notes that in 2017 the human rights were the focus of foreign policy actions of the European Union, and the EU confirmed its role as a leading player on the world stage in the field of human rights advocacy. In particular, last year the EU is firmly opposed to child rights violations and restrictions of freedom of peaceful Assembly, supported the creation of conditions for development of non-governmental organizations. At the same time in 2017 distinguished worsening conditions for civil society in the world, indicated in the document.

Not completed the Kiev case

In the section of the report dedicated to Ukraine, noted that most on the Kiev-controlled Ukrainian territory adhere to human rights and fundamental freedoms, but there remain a number of problems, with which Kiev is unable to cope for a long time. There is also concern about discrimination and lack of protection of vulnerable groups.

The EU draw attention to the fact that the investigation of crimes committed during the events in Kiev in 2013-14, and has not completed. “The investigation of murders on the Maidan and the violent events in Odessa on 2 may 2014 we are moving very slowly and the perpetrators are never brought to justice,” reads the document. It indicates and incomplete investigation of murders of journalists.

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The report also speaks of the successes and failures of Ukraine in the sphere of fight against corruption. “An increasing number of high-level cases investigated by the specialized anti-corruption bodies. However, these cases linger in the courts available (…) still have a need to create higher anti-corruption court,” the report says.

In the same part of the document notes the lack of cooperation between National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine and the Prosecutor General’s office. The authors of the report call to cancel the electronic Declaration for activists-fighters.

Problems of Crimea and Donbas

In Crimea continued systematic discrimination against the Crimean Tatars and other groups that openly oppose the illegal annexation of the Peninsula Russia. The EU stresses that its part called for the release of Ukrainian citizens illegally held in Russia and on the Crimean Peninsula, which in particular, led to the release of the leaders of the Crimean Tatars Ilmi Umerov and Akhtem chigusa.

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On uncontrollable Kiev territories of Donbass continues, “the collapse of the rule of law and public order,” the document says. At the same time, the authors of the report indicate that on the territory controlled by the Kiev international human rights organizations have documented “cases of abduction, arbitrary detention, ill-treatment (of prisoners – Ed.) and sexual violence”.

The EU underlines that Ukraine is still 1.6 million internally displaced persons, of which about 500-600 thousand are not able to receive social payments from the state through the clarification of their place of residence. The EU has repeatedly called on Kiev to resume payments.

Among other things, the EU calls a priority in the context of respect for human rights and development of democracy in Ukraine, the reform of the electoral law and the protection of minority rights, in particular vulnerable ethnic groups, and compliance with gender equality policy.

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