In the river 3-year-old child draws abstract pictures that sell for hundreds of dollars

In the river 3-year-old child draws abstract pictures that sell for hundreds of dollars



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Adults believe that a girl can wait for a great artistic future.

3-year-old nick Streletskaya from the Dnieper are not yet able to count or even speak, but art lovers line up to buy her abstraction. Baby works at enviable pace and issues of canvas daily, says the story TSN.19:30.

The young artist draws your pleasure and the money I do not think, however, the value of her paintings already estimated in the hundreds of conventional units. It all started with the fact that mother is a painter for a few minutes, left his canvas, paints and 9-month-old baby. “Paint was on the floor, the cloth was on the floor. She got up and began to smear on the canvas. We can say that the picture she went”, – says Tatiana Ohrimenko. A surprise it was for the Pope. “There is a small child – you can tell the paint was lost”, – said Alexey Strelets.

Videobalance business: 3-year-old nick draws pictures that lovers are willing to buy for hundreds of dollars

Three years Nika Streletskaya of the Dnieper is not able not only to read, even speak. However, art lovers line up to buy her abstraction. The child works worthy of envy Tempe: issues of canvas daily and at your age has already had two exhibitions of works.

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The first creative uniform Nicky is now a family heirloom. Picture the parents are called abstractions, and notice that small does not speak, but expressed through art. Therefore, in the absence of explanations adults themselves have to unravel the intentions of the artist. One day the mother gave the baby pictures to the exhibition and was surprised that they were buyers. “The artists were more experienced advised $ 200. And as it so happened, that the work sold,” say the parents.

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Now the girl’s name is in the book of national records as the youngest author of personal exhibitions. Mom in my life was five and my daughter is already two. “I’m only 7 years trying to draw what nick’s draws,” admits Tatiana. She swears she does not interfere in the creative process of the daughter, only provides the child with paints, easels and other necessary material.


To assess the effect of TSN took a few pictures of the young artist and brought them to the inspection of the Metropolitan professional. Anatolii pankevych commended what he saw. “Class. Modern work, modern art, neo-expressionism”, he said and added that it would be laid out for each of the entries of 200-250 dollars. The expert was surprised when I heard about age of the artist, and expressed the opinion that other persons author quartini in the works didn’t help.

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To exhibit works of the daughter at the international competition in the Czech Republic Tatiana FIB extra year to the age of the child under the terms, the minimum limit of participation is 4 years old. In the meantime, the child draws pictures for the customer in Kharkiv – the city offers a permanent exhibition of artist Niki Musketeers.

The TSN reporter Liudmila Badalyan

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