Dresses for 15 thousand plus the services of a stylist: young girls from Kiev choose clothes for graduation balls

Dresses for 15 thousand plus the services of a stylist: young girls from Kiev choose clothes for graduation balls



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Girls want to look unique, but it hits the wallets of their parents.

Prom dresses are already the heads of the girls who graduate, and their parents. Prices on baby clothes are now quite adults, says the story TSN.19:30.

Daria with Natalia went to the market because they want to dress fashionable, but not expensive, so it asked for help from friends of the designer. The cheapest on the market dresses start from 800 hryvnia, all of them bypassed, and the sellers themselves say that the prom is taking more colorful. The longer clothing, the more expensive is its price. Top sales at the Bazaar – dress 2.5 thousand, although adults remain to his questions, particularly about the color scheme.

Videoplate for every taste and price: the capital’s students are preparing for graduation

Ukrainian students prepare for prom. They are looking for clothes on the market stores and on the Internet. TSN went to graduates to choose evening wear to show that you have to spend on the kids saying goodbye to school.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:24

After many trying desiner gold advises that an outfit in 9 thousand, and if you have time, it is advised to sew a dress at the Atelier now order dresses from the grid, the prices of which start at 2 thousand. When sewing you can take into account all wishes of the client. Who in the media is parents are not limit – goes to the shops in the centre of the capital, where prices start from 15 thousand, and the dress helps the stylist. In the trend – a combination of sophisticated dress and simple hairstyles and colorful accessories to not too noticeable.

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Another way – select dresses via the Internet. The same stylist comes to the client home, satisfied with the fitting and helps to create a complete image. Service delivery for the fitting is free, but dresses are from 14 thousand.

The TSN correspondent Natalia Goncharova

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