At KCSA has accused “Naftogaz” in the blackmail and demanding the return of the people of Kiev hot water

At KCSA has accused “Naftogaz” in the blackmail and demanding the return of the people of Kiev hot water



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They say that the city will not take over the debts of a private organization.

In KSCA require Naftogaz to sign a temporary contract for the supply of gas.

This was announced by the people’s Deputy and Advisor to the mayor of Kiev Dmitry Belotserkovets in Facebook as a result of the briefing in the Verkhovna Rada.

As noted, a temporary contract should be concluded, to ensure that residents of the capital with hot water and, potentially, to undertake timely preparation for the heating season.

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“Kyivenergo” has appropriated money Kiev”: “kyivgas” threatens to turn off the hot water in the capital for the debts

Also the MP believes that the actions of “Naftogaz” blackmail and says that the city will not assume the debts of a private organization. According to him, the question of heredity and the structure of the debt can be settled exclusively by the court.

Belotserkovets outraged by the situation, when the capital left without hot water, and “Naftogaz” meanwhile “requires a prize of $ 40 million, instead of the operational stabilization of the energy issue.”

KIYANI NOT BECOME ZARUCNICKI “NAFTOGAZ” I BARTIMUS FOR THE RIGHT TO JCN SERVICES TEPLOPOSTACHANNYA!!! Kiyan TA Mista adminstrate vimage from “Naftogaz” oblasti tymczasowy dogovr z KP “Civallero” on postachannya Gaza dwellers zabezpechiti italv stolic paracou water and, in perspective, spend svoyo chotoku to palyalkova season. In umovah uncanny situat, if Hromada of Kyiv poverty sobi in management, energoaktiv stolic SMN of postachalnik “Kioneli” KP “Civallero”, “Naftogaz” santago musicalmente that Kiyan, vimagati take on themselves the Borg private compan. TSE nepriyatiya! Power spacemost the structure Borg Mauger versaute viklyuchno court! Especially benglund the situation has got viglyad on TL, scho STOLICA salesas without garaco VOD, and “Naftogaz” vimage sobi Prem 40 million dollars, instead of operative stables energetichnogo power.

Posted Dmitriy Belotserkovets 5 June 2018 R.

Earlier, Klitschko said, why in Kiev there is no hot water and whether it will be in the summer. In the capital there was intermittent hot water from-for debts “Kyivenergo”.

Videonablyudeniye the Board of “Naftogaz” to reward their employees half a billion hryvnia

Officials ordered to reward yourself for winning in the Stockholm arbitration. The payment was estimated at 1% of the amount of the winning, and it – 46 million 300 thousand U.S. dollars. Taxes pledged to pay 9 million. The rest is divided among 41 persons involved in the victory over “Gazprom”.

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